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Acoustic articles from magazines about their ASC experience

  • a blue quick sound field

The Sonic Island

A Recording Engineer's perspective of the Quick Sound Field (QSF) by Neil Henderson, Equus Recording  View as [...]

  • AttackWall Acoustic Treatment, Two Kinds of Room Acoustics

AttackWall Acoustic Treatment

AttackWall Acoustic Treatment: Michael Cooper tests the application, and evaluates the cost-effectiveness, of the AttackWall from Acoustic Sciences Corporation. [...]

Room Treatments, Part 2

Originally published in Positive Feedback  Issue 32, 2007 by Roger Gordon View as PDF Your listening room, according to [...]

  • Church Cry Room Acoustics, cry-room-baby

Church Cry Room Acoustics

Let's talk about well-designed church cry room acoustics. Art Noxon of Acoustic Sciences Corp., who has consulted on many [...]

  • MixStation Review follow-up

MixStation Review follow-up

MixStation Review follow-up: Mitch Malloy's enthusiastic review of ASC TubeTraps in our Jan/Feb '04 issue, I knew I just [...]

  • Big Church Acoustics

Big Church Acoustics

Excerpt: "All too often, a church is built like a civic auditorium--big space and many seats--yet in the case of [...]

  • four Orange TubeTraps from asc

ASC TubeTraps

Originally published in August 2001 by Bryan Southard View as PDF Introduction Acoustic Sciences Corporation, more commonly known [...]

ASC Studio Traps

Originally published in December 1998 by Jonathan Scull  View as PDF Over time I've successfully used a variety [...]

  • Tour de Germany

Tour de Germany

The Master teams up with Acoustic Sciences Corporation —Marcel Schaal, 1997 Tour de Germany - Five-time Grammy winner Bruce Swedien [...]

  • American Legion Dome

Beyond the Thunder Dome

View as PDF The New Bremen American Legion had a problem on their hands. They’d purchased an auditorium with a [...]


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