Acoustic Sciences Releases the IsoThermal TubeTrap


Finally! You can get control of the rear wall bounce!

We’ve added a new model to our TubeTrap line, brand new for 2015.  It’s an isothermal-class RC time constant bass trap combined with the adjustable treble diffusion of our regular TubeTrap. It delivers twice the bass absorption of an equivalent sized TubeTrap between 30 Hz and 250 Hz. That’s why the IsoThermal TubeTrap has two chrome dots along the rim instead of the traditional one dot: two dots means twice the power!

By eliminating the thermal component of acoustic pressure, The IsoThermal TubeTrap has an effectively 40% larger internal volume below 150 Hz, which doubles its absorbing power while retaining all of the other familiar sonic characteristics of the TubeTrap you know and love.


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