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ASC’s IsoWall System

This proven system has become a requirement in the construction of many custom home theater and HiFi audio rooms. Acoustic Sciences Corporation is honored to receive the 2019 TAS ACOUSTIC PRODUCT OF THE YEAR: ASC Iso-Wall, awarded from The Absolute Sound magazine.  Special thanks to Editor Robert Harley for his willingness to try the full-fledged system in his own listening room.  The original article written by Mr. Harley can be read at The Absolute Sound webpage by following this link.

Regardless of whether you have a professional “downtown” studio project, or a dedicated theater/audio room in your house, ASC’s IsoWall system for soundproofing + sound conditioning is the only way to go.

Our Iso-Wall system is meticulously engineered for optimal musical acoustic quality, both live and playback. Utilizing the tried-and-true soundproofing technique of building a floating double wall, the ASC Iso-Wall system takes performance a step further. By including viscoelastic damping at key joints of the assembly and prescribing construction methods to best utilize the damping properties, the Iso-Wall system provides deep bass absorption along with improved sound isolation. There is no better product for the construction of listening rooms and recording studios.

This unique construction system has been developed over 25 years within the design and building of ultra-high performance audio playback rooms and professional recording studios.

Typical construction methods are simply not adequate for handling the high sound pressure levels delivered by today’s top-of-the-line loudspeakers, subwoofers, and full-range studio monitors. The IsoWall system was designed from the onset with high-level musical playback in mind. Users of Wilson loudspeakers, JL Audio Subwoofers, and any other sound reproduction system capable of 100+ dB in the ~20 Hz range absolutely need structural damping to enjoy the full capabilities of their system. The ASC Iso-Wall is one of the few construction systems to adequately deliver.

IsoWall Install Guide


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