Unveiling Of The New MiniTrap Desktop AttackWall At ASCAP Show!


Unveiling Of The New MiniTrap Desktop AttackWallAfter a long time in production, Acoustic Sciences Corporation will be Unveiling Of The New MiniTrap Desktop AttackWall system at the ASCAP Show this May 7-9, 2018 in Hollywood, California!

The ASC Mini-Desktop AttackWall redefines world class mixing environments. It’s a modular, free-standing workstation that fits right on your desktop or table. It helps to produce a reliable, repeatable and accurate sonic space in which to track, mix and master regardless of room or speaker system.

For those on the go, the Mini-Desktop AttackWall is the perfect solution for creating professional mixing results in small rooms, hotel rooms, office space small venues…basically anywhere, all while placing the sound in front of the engineer for the best desired results. Unveiling of  the new MiniTrap desktop AttackWall was a success and is a great desktop solution from ASC.


  • Lightweight & portable, easy to setup when on the road
  • Create professional mixing in limited space areas
  • Affordable on your budget, with BIG studio results
  • Basic setup of 8 MiniTraps, with larger setups available
  • Creates clear perception of signal at the mix position
  • Have the same mixing environment wherever you go
  • Delivers the type of mix that will stand-up anywhere
  • Small diameter allows more space on desk

Technical Information:

The DeskTop AttackWall casts large acoustic shadows onto the front 2/3rds of the room, eliminating the need for wall mounted absorbers/diffusers across the front and down the sides of the room and bass traps in the corners.

Mini 8 Destop AttackWall Setup:

The basic setup is for smaller speakers, listening triangles and tables. Placing a pair of MiniTraps on either side of each speaker. Set two across the front of the desk and 2 down each side of the desk. MiniTraps are positioned to contact the side of the speaker but not the front baffle or corner.
Unveiling Of The New MiniTrap Desktop AttackWall

Mini 12 Destop AttackWall Setup:

An advanced setup is used for larger setups, speakers, listening triangle and desk. Minis are run all the way across the front of the desk and most of the way down each side. Develops a stronger, more well defined acoustic shadow zone all across the front and well down the side walls.
Unveiling Of The New MiniTrap Desktop AttackWall

MiniTrap Construction:

The MiniTrap like all TubeTraps is a fiber sealed sound trap. It’s tall and narrow so it is easy to setup without taking much space on the desk. It sits on a wide soft-rubber ring so it stays where you put it. Because of its slim height to width ratio it is fit with a steel counter-weight for increased stability. The Mini is 6” in diameter and 20 inches tall. A chamber in the top adds wide band resonant absorption in the octave of middle C. Its shell is double wall welded diamond perf stainless steel inside of which is an acoustically transparent low flow resistance folded seal. The assembly is sonically dead all the way around.

MiniTrap Specifications:

  • Diameter x Height: 6.125” x 20”
  • Weight: 52 Oz
  • DC flow resistance: 460 Rayls mks
  • DC Resistivity: 2300 Ohms (acoustic)

For more information on the ASC Mini-Desktop AttackWall, contact your closest ASC dealer, or you can contact Acoustic Sciences Corporation through our website.


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