Architectural Acoustics

The Architect’s Eye… Always Looking for a New Angle

When it comes to architectural acoustics, visual design considerations can sometimes seem to conflict with acoustic requirements. At ASC we are accustomed to overcoming these constraints and have developed many unique architectural acoustic products, techniques and systems over the past 30 years.

Something we’ve developed might apply to your current project, or we may need to work together to design a custom solution. The fundamental requirements are always the same: the room must look good, and sound good. Beyond that, we help you compliment the decor while meeting the specific acoustic needs of the space. Ranging from churches to ballrooms, all the way to listening rooms and family rooms, we have the experience to deliver the sonic character you are seeking without disrupting the carefully balanced visual aesthetic.

After the design is complete, we build & finish the products, pack and ship them to the job site and include contractor-friendly instructions and installation support. All of this from our headquarters and fabrication center in Eugene, Oregon. Call us today to discuss your project!

architectural acoustics miller caves
Classrooms with asc acoustic treatment
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