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In High-Power Audio Applications…

…the interior surface of the room can no longer be used as a soundproofing element. It is converted into an isolation wall that has damping added. It becomes a giant membrane bass trap for the subwoofer range of sound while continuing to load the woofer bass range of sound and softening major room modes.

The soundproofing component, if needed, is a specially constructed, bass-proof wall located on the other side of the interior working wall. From simple soundproofing projects to complex professional sound conditioning/proofing projects, we continue to develop and provide the products, engineering services and project materials needed to get your job done right…right, the first time.

People who build high-performance audio rooms — home theaters, audiophile listening rooms and recording studios — need to keep inside sounds from getting out and outside sounds from getting into their room. That type of work is called soundproofing. One of the most soundproof rooms is your local racquetball court. The walls are so hard and thick that the sound can’t get out of the room, and so, it stays in the room, which is why the room is so reverberant. It would be impossible to put a high-power audio playback system in a racquetball court and get the room to ever sound right. On the other hand most ordinary rooms may not be very soundproof but they certainly sound better than a racquetball court.

The high-performance audio room owner wants a room that both sounds great and is soundproof. We have been helping people build their audio playback rooms since 1988. We have to build a room within a room to get audio playback rooms to sound right. The inner room is flexible like most good sounding rooms while the outer room is rigid, heavy and strong so the bass cannot escape. In our work, soundproofing the outer walls is only half of the project, conditioning the interior walls, floor and ceiling of the room to address sound and vibration is also part of the project.

Our focus is not just on soundproofing rooms, a racquetball court can do that job along with most other soundproofing systems. We are dedicated to creating great sounding soundproof rooms. In fact, we pioneered the art and science of building small rooms that are to be used for high-performance audio playback.


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