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Project & Home Studios

Project & Home Studio in need of acoustic treatments from asc

Project & home studios are often the place where great ideas start turning into great works. Perhaps it’s a spare bedroom, a converted garage, or a free-standing out-building.

Whatever your situation may be, you’ve decided to make yourself a place to “create.” A place where your dreams and aspirations will begin to materialize into reality.

No doubt, you’ve already made a sizable investment in the required electronics, gear, and software tools to start recording and producing. Acoustic treatments, on the other hand, are often an afterthought.

Project & Home Studios, Grey attackwall with monitor stands

Generally, with project & home studios people begin to consider acoustics when the results they are getting leave much to be desired in terms of final quality. We understand this dilemma. We talk to people just like you on a daily basis. They’ve tried the egg cartons, heavy blankets and low-cost wall foam. Yet, they are frustrated and looking for a better solution to a problem that just won’t go away.

That’s where we come in. Our staff of seasoned Acoustic Project Advisors will guide you through the maze of options and help you select products that will make an immediate impact now, and be able to grow with you and your craft into the future.

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