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Manufactory of TubeTraps and other Task Specific Acoustic Products

From improving the sound of your high-end audio system or home theater systems with better room acoustics, to enhancing your recording studio for more accurate and precise recording productions, to dampening noise in public places such as restaurants & churches, and mitigating noise in industrial areas...Acoustic Sciences Corporation is the #1 choice for finding the perfect solution for controlling unwanted sounds!

We’ve been developing and building specialty acoustic products since 1984. We design, voice and build acoustic surfaces and devices which transform otherwise unruly and often discordant reflection patterns into a well-timed and tuned set of reflections, to complement and support the listenability of the direct signal.
Home of the TubeTrap: The Original Bass Trap!

Introducing the new ASC NanoTrap!

Create Professional Mixing Anywhere...With BIG Studio Results!
The ASC NanoTrap redefines world-class mixing environments. It’s a modular and free-standing unit, so you can create a workstation that fits right on your desktop or table.

For those on the go, the Nano-Desktop AttackWall is the perfect solution for creating professional mixing results in small rooms, hotel rooms, office space small venues...basically anywhere, all while placing the sound in front of the engineer for the best-desired results.

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