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immersive symphonic venue home listening high fidelity experience

Realizing the Musical Potential

Acoustic Sciences Corp manufactures the TubeTrap product line which enables our clients to realize the musical potential of their recording and listening rooms
hifi listening room 2C3D TubeTraps stereo wilson high-end speakers

High-End Listening Rooms

Where musicality, imaging and ambience are blended into an immersive listening experience. You have to hear it to believe it.

ASC AttackWall

Set up a great control room in any room. Mix appears in a clear and stable Sonic Space. Bring it anywhere, retain same mix environment

studio engineer attackwall studiotrap mixing mastering
brian vibberts Recording antique stand up bass inside the quicksoundfield

Set up a great tracking space in any room. Adjust from live to dead without room bleed. Bring it anywhere, retain the same mic environment.

Sound is everywhere and so are our products.
Helping people get their spaces sounding better.
Refining the way we listen…

ASC expertise extends beyond Studio & HiFi. We also specialize in custom acoustic projects that fit your home or business needs. No matter the scope of the project, Acoustic Sciences Corporation acoustic engineers can help provide the solution to your acoustic treatment projects.

“ASC doesn’t make the sound, we make it sound better.“
Art Noxon, Founder of ASC and inventor of the TubeTrap Arthur Noxon
Acoustic Engineer
President of ASC
ASC TubeTrap in silver
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