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Hifi Listening Rooms

Enjoy the ASC Hifi Listening Room Gallery. High End Audio is where the dedicated listening room hosts a carefully matched ensemble of finely crafted playback instruments and the very best in audio gear, gathered together to play – and replay – the most wonderful recordings music has to offer.

Some listening room projects involve custom design, new construction or remodels where the aesthetics are not based on acoustics. Voicing of the room is still required. Some parts of the acoustic compliment may be integrated into the design while others lay hidden behind grillwork, drapery or scrim. Coordination between owner, designer and acoustic requirements is essential.

Standard acoustic products are usually not involved in custom projects. Visible acoustic elements in a customer project are themselves unique; with coordinated dimensions, visual & mechanical requirements are integrated. The non-visible or hidden acoustic products frequently involve customized acoustic devices, all designed by ASC, built in our factory, packaged and shipped with a contractor friendly install.

The finest acoustic performance is found in purpose-built reference high class listing rooms. These rooms are found in the headquarters of high-end audio manufacturers, some dealer showrooms, playback rooms for writers and product reviewers and some fortunate audiophiles. These rooms generally conform to the golden standard audiophile reference room referred to as 2C3D: 2 Channel, 3 Dimensional. 2C3D was coined by Bruce Brisson of MIT cables.

These rooms begin with healthy room dimensions that depend on the type of speaker intended for the room and designs include speaker position and listening position. Each speaker is set on a concrete pier with an independent foundation and not connected to the floors at all. The floors are not suspended joists but overly supported, multiple piers to eliminate sympathetic vibration and assembled with structural damping to eliminate sound vibration conduction. Walls and ceilings are semi-floating, converted into giant deep bass membrane bass traps. Sometimes ASC proprietary sub bass soundproofing is included. Once the room is built correctly for use as a high end listening room, it is fitted with the appropriate acoustic complement.

hifi room with tubetraps and soundplanks
Hifi room with ASC TubeTraps and Focal speakers
Half Round images for product page-TEMP

Hifi Listening Room Gallery featuring ASC TubeTraps

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