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  1. Audio Show Lectures:  These are 1 hour videos of Invited lectures prepared by and delivered by Art Noxon for various audio Audio Shows.  The papers written and distributed at these shows are also available.
  2. “Ask Art a Question” Shorts:  These are 3 to 5 minute videos, spontaneous answers by art Noxon to typical questions that seem to arise regularly when discussing ASC products and services.
  3. Contributed Videos: These are videos by ASC customers/reviewers that address their experience with Art and ASC’s crew, products and services.

Audio Show Lectures

Art’s Talk at Burning Amp

Art Noxon provided a video lecture for this year’s Burning Amp Festival Attendees. Read the quick summary below, then watch the video! […]

Spaciousness Signals

Art Noxon had an opportunity to address PAF Hifi enthusiasts regarding Hifi room acoustics. We feature an excerpt from Art's talk at the Pacific Audio Fest 2022. The topic is creating spaciousness with rear wall reflections and the TubeTraps. Enjoy!

Diffractive vs Specular Diffusion

Art Noxon had an opportunity to address PAF Hifi enthusiasts regarding Hifi room acoustics. We feature an excerpt from Art’s talk at the Pacific Audio Fest 2022. The topic is Diffractive vs Specular Diffusion. Enjoy!

Acoustic Shadowing

Art Noxon discusses acoustic shadowing at PAF 2022. This week we share an excerpt from his talk, covering the topic of using TubeTraps in your Hifi room.

Art Noxon’s Talk at Pacific Audio Fest 2022

Art Noxon talks at Pacific Audio Fest 2022 about early reflections in the high end listening room, their effects on imaging and spaciousness and ways they can be treated with ASC TubeTraps and AcousticSoffit for optimal listening results.

Secrets of Setting Up Rooms

Check out Art Noxon's talk at the California Audio Show from 2019 regarding the secrets of setting up rooms for the best acoustics in listening rooms.

Ask Art a Question

Where Should I Place Bass Traps?

By |

We’ve been pioneering, building and improving bass traps since 1984. Our flagship then remains the same today… the TubeTrap! […]

Room Speed pt. 2

By |

Art Noxon answers the question, What is Room Speed? Part 2 of 3 […]

Room Speed pt. 3

By |

Art Noxon answers the question, What is Room Speed? Part 3 of 3 […]

The TubeTrap

By |

Art Noxon describes the benefits of his iconic invention, the TubeTrap, the original corner-loaded bass trap. […]

What’s More Important RT or EDT?

By |

How do we address RT or EDT? AttackWall delivers a professional grade mixing environment in any room. Your moves are quick and sure with no second guessing. The mix hangs together everywhere. Finally, when you need to relocate, you won’t lose control of your mixing environment, you’ll be taking it with you. ASC’s AttackWall redefines mixing. The AttackWall lets you build a professional grade control room without even a hammer. It creates the perfect mixing environment in the middle of the room while casting acoustic shadows into [...]

Why Room Acoustics Matter

By |

Art Noxon Answers: Why Room Acoustics Matter Acoustics is a branch of physics that deals with the study of mechanical waves in gases, liquids, and solids including topics such as vibration, sound, ultrasound and infrasound. A scientist who works in the field of acoustics is an acoustician while someone working in the field of acoustics technology may be called an acoustical engineer. The application of acoustics is present in almost all aspects of modern society with the most obvious being the audio and noise control [...]

How TubeTraps Work

By |

TubeTrap History: A Short History What would come to be the iconic bass trap was invented about 25 years ago in 1983 by me, a young acoustic engineer/physicist/speaker builder named Art Noxon. […]

What is Hi-Fi?

By |

Room Setup To understand basic concepts for listening rooms we realize that each room is different and the equipment to be setup in the room can also vary. Still there are fundamental features in most all audiophile playback rooms. […]

Two Kinds of Room Acoustics

By |

Art Noxon discusses the treatment for two kinds of room acoustics, especially regarding recording studios. […]

Why Do I Need Bass Traps?

By |

One of the most frequently asked questions about bass traps is, “why do I want a bass trap? I want more bass, not less bass!” […]

Contributed Videos

StudioTraps & David Jacobs-Strain

David Jacobs-Strain with Acoustic Sciences Corporations AttackWalls and IsoThermal TubeTraps during a recording session in his development studio. The TubeTraps were used to help absorb the bouncing of unwanted sound waves, and help create a nice, clean organic sound. […]

David Jacobs-Strain Explaining His Sound

David Jacobs-Strain With Acoustic Sciences Corporations AttackWalls and IsoThermal TubeTraps during a recording session in his developing studio. The Tubetraps were used to help absorb the bouncing of unwanted sound waves, and help create a nice, clean organic sound. […]

Mini Spinning TubeTrap

This is a mini spinning TubeTrap display we like to bring to the audio shows, as it gives the public a good example of how TubeTraps reflect and absorb. The chrome dots you see spinning by on the top and bottom represent the reflective side of the TubeTrap.

ASC StudioTraps in the Studio

Eugene, Oregon based producer/musician @mesgodz shares his life-changing experience that started with using ASC StudioTraps in his recording and mixing studio setup. The edge provided in sound quality has transformed his business and floored all his clients. […]

TubeTraps for Perfect Sound

Create a perfect-sound listening environment for professional studio mixing, hi-fi or home theater entertainment with Acoustic Sciences' TubeTrap solutions. Position each TubeTrap cylinder around your room or even form a portable studio anywhere with enough traps.

Robert Harley and the IsoWall

Robert Harley from The Absolute Sound shares his acoustic knowledge with is, focusing on the IsoWall. Be sure to watch the entire info-packed video.

StudioTraps at Sleepy Owl Soundlab

StudioTraps are an essential tool for any recording and mixing environment Tanner Cundy, Owner/operator of Sleepy Owl Soundlab explains his uses for ASC’s StudioTraps

Brad Sundberg & The StudioTrap

Listen to Brad Sundberg from “In the Studio with MJ” talk about the StudioTrap and all its benefits. For those who finish the video, there is a nice treat at the end…happy watching! […]

Mitch Malloy – Dream On Mitch Malloy performs Areosmith’s classic hit “Dream On” surrounded by his stunning red StudioTraps. […]

Brian Vibberts and the QuickSoundField

Seven-time Grammy winner, Brian “Dr. Vibb” Vibberts has participated in the making of albums with over 250 Grammy Nominations and 65 Grammy Award Winners. “I use an Attack Wall in my mixing room, which is outstanding! I love it. […]

Mix Engineer Stuart White on the AttackWall

Stuart White is an engineer based in New York City. He has worked with artists such as Nicki Minaj, Mary J. Blige, Nas, Fun! and Beyonce just to name a few. Our good friends down at had a chance to catch up with Mix Engineer Stuart White on the AttackWall from ASC. […]

Jonathan Wales on the AttackWall

Jonathan Wales on the AttackWall – Hollywood soundman Jonathan Wales was kind enough to share his experience with the AttackWall with out good friends down at in Los Angeles, CA. Wales has been in audio in the movie business for over 35 years, working on films such as re-recording engineer on films such as Memento, Saw, Meet the Parents, E.T. and Old Boy. […]

Cypriot singer Maria Elena Kyriakou in the QSF

Cypriot singer Maria Elena Kyriakou in the QSF tears the roof off in her new song "Without You". The song was recorded by veteran recording engineer and TubeTrap enthusiast Mic Roussos at Mic R. Studios in Cypress. With the help of the QuickSoundField, Mic brings Maria Elena's voice into the light with emotive clarity and dynamic resolve.

What’s Tracking – Featuring QSF

Episode 5 Featuring Brian “Dr. Vibb” Vibberts, Miles Mosley and the QuickSoundField Brian Vibberts uses his portable QuickSoundField to record Miles Mosley on a 250-year-old upright bass for “What’s Tracking – Featuring QSF” 5th webisode. The QuickSoundField provides an acoustically controlled recording space, which Brian uses for all of his recordings. […]

World’s Greatest Audio Systems – Mike from 6moons

Mike Malinowski show's off his extreme listening room with state-of-the-art equipment and his "forest of TubeTraps." Mike has one of the World's Greatest Audio Systems - Mike from 6moons. Read more about Mike's experience with ASC and TubeTraps in his 9 part article: The Room.

Gregory Scott of Kush Audio on the AttackWall

While doing a Google Hangout with Pensado’s Students (April 3, 2014), Gregory Scott fielded a question about the AttackWall, and had some remarkable things to say.  We start our video transcription at around 1:12:00. […]

TubeTraps on Tour with The Who

Pete Townshend, lead guitarist for The Who, talks about how the band uses TubeTraps on tour to reduce bass rumble around the drum kit and get distortion from the guitar speakers without having the volume too high. […]

Pete Townshend – Small Recording Spaces with TubeTraps

We share lead guitarist for The Who, Pete Townshend – Small Recording spaces with TubeTraps talks about transforming small spaces. Pete gets a lot of inspiration lately from creating mobile spaces for recording in various environments. […]

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