Jonathan Wales on the AttackWall


Jonathan Wales on the AttackWall – Hollywood soundman Jonathan Wales was kind enough to share his experience with the AttackWall with out good friends down at in Los Angeles, CA. Wales has been in audio in the movie business for over 35 years, working on films such as re-recording engineer on films such as Memento, Saw, Meet the Parents, E.T. and Old Boy. He is currently the CEO of Wildfire Sonic Magic in Los Angeles. Here’s what he had to say about the AttackWall.

Used all over the world, the AttackWall is created from a series of StudioTraps and custom MonitorStands that decouple your speaker and serve as deep bass traps. This combination serves to control the entire bandwidth of sound to deliver mixes that translate perfectly.

AttackWall redefines mixing environments.

It’s a free standing workstation that consistently produces the most amazingly clear sonic space you’ll ever work in. When you need reliable, repeatable and accurate sonic conditions to do your work, nothing beats the AttackWall. Equally adept for tracking, mixing and mastering, you can achieve the same quality results regardless of room dynamics or monitor speakers used. AttackWall delivers a professional grade mixing environment in any room. Your moves are quick and sure with no second guessing. The mix hangs together everywhere. Finally, when you need to relocate, you won’t lose control of your mixing environment, you’ll be taking it with you. ASC’s AttackWall redefines mixing. The AttackWall lets you build a professional grade control room without even a hammer. It creates the perfect mixing environment in the middle of the room while casting acoustic shadows into the rest of your room. It surrounds itself with a quiet and diffused acoustic zone that doesn’t need room acoustics. Step up to an AttackWall and play just one of your old mixes. You’ll instantly hear what you were hoping to avoid…. All hesitant guess work disappears when room glare is eliminated, displaced by the crystal-clear imaging into a stable sonic space that can only be found within the AttackWall.


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