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Industrial Noise Control Mufflers

ASC In-Line Noise Control Mufflers are used to quiet fan noise, or any noise contained within a pipe or ventilation system. Each situation is different, yet the principle used to quiet the noise is always the same.

“Stuff a sock in it” was somebody’s suggestion. But your pipe has to stay open so that air, and sometimes other materials, can flow through it. Large or small, when it comes to high performance, 100% open, low head-loss mufflers, we are your one-stop-shopping supplier. We don‘t inventory mufflers because every application is different. We quickly design and fabricate exactly what you need.

When ASC builds an In-Line Muffler, it’s always a custom design based on your application and needs. Recording studios use long, large diameter In-Line Mufflers to transfer high volume low speed air into the studio to minimize the development of air rush noise during delivery while providing full bandwidth silencing to the HVAC system noise.

ASC Mufflers are an excellent part of any OSHA compliance program.


  • Industrial Machinery

  • HVAC Equipment

  • Manufacturing Facilities

  • Factory Floor

  • Fabrication

  • FAA Baffles

Industrial noise controls are often mandated by OSHA regulations, city, county or state ordinances, or court ordered remedies. ASC has helped clients through the often confusing process, and we provide certified testing and engineering as well as noise control products to put you into compliance.


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