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stage 3 home theater with brown couch and wall with white tubetraps, half round bass traps and soundplanks appointed properly

Home Theater

ASC brings to your project the experience, acoustic products and soundproofing materials you need to build a home theater that doesn’t shake itself apart or keep the neighbors up at night and sounds even better than it looks. Get that big movie house sound.

Home Theater Project Rooms

Broadband Sound Conditioning™

So You Can Turn Up The Volume Without Wishing You Hadn’t

ASC delivers the best acoustic products that span the entire sound spectrum, from less than 20Hz to over 20kHz. From soundproofing to treble diffusion, we’ve got your home theater project covered.

Because all these products are made by ASC, it’s easy to get a seamless, integrated acoustic package that looks great and sounds even greater.

broadband sound conditioning piano key chart

Bass Traps

ASC TubeTraps in stock colors, Style Guide, tubetraps
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