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Office Acoustics

Everybody knows that when the noise goes up, productivity goes down. In the office, this can be a huge problem. Phones going off, salespeople each trying to make a sale, someone’s headphones are too loud, and other problems add to the din of the office. At ASC we have taken the approach that these problems can be solved aesthetically without taking up valuable floor and wall space.

Office spaces present unique problems in the vocal frequencies

Imagine an office where people can talk at normal levels on the phone without worrying about frustrating their neighbors. This is the kind of office Acoustic Sciences Corporation can provide. We’re here to help with your sound problems, and we will get your office quieter.

Basic Concepts

By addressing the proper acoustic treatment at interior partition walls or cubicles in an open floor plan, unwanted noise can be dissipated to achieve comfortable sound levels for your work environment. Using the ASC Office Quiet System, sound within the office unit (cubicle) is reflected back to reinforce speech, while sound that leaks out is reduced to help eliminate background noise and keep a “private” feeling for your work space.


Just enough to control the noise. Every ASC solution comes in two parts: an accurate diagnosis, then a focused design. The result is a satisfying reduction in noise buildup and crosstalk, with the natural liveliness left intact.

ASC has developed ceiling-hugging acoustics in patterns and grids that deliver just enough control. The basic building block is a new generation of ecologically manufactured fiberglass. With a high post-consumer content, no formaldehyde or other volatile solvents, we can sculpt sound panels to fit both your visual and sonic space.


  • Open Office Plans
  • Cubical Noise / Cross-Talk
  • Conference Rooms
  • Privacy & Confidentiality


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