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Art Noxon is a fully accredited Acoustical Engineer with Master of Science degrees in Mechanical Engineering/Acoustics and Physics. A Professional Engineer since 1982, he is licensed in Oregon to practice engineering in the public domain with the specialty area of acoustics. A prolific inventor, he developed and patented the iconic TubeTrap, the original corner-loaded bass trap/treble diffuser, 150 other acoustic devices, and counting. Lecturer, writer, and teacher of acoustics, he has presented 7 AES papers, numerous magazine articles, white papers and blogs. He is president of Acoustic Sciences Corporation, the company he founded in 1984.
Licensed Professional Engineer

Art Noxon Speaks at PAF 2022 Pt. 1

ASC Founder & Inventor to the TubeTrap Art Noxon, PE Acoustical had an opportunity to address PAF Hifi enthusiasts regarding Hifi room acoustics. We [...]

Art Noxon Speaks at PAF 2022 Pt. 12022-08-26T10:19:59-07:00

Secrets of Setting Up Rooms

Check out Art Noxon's talk at the California Audio Show from 2019 regarding the secrets of setting up rooms for [...]

Secrets of Setting Up Rooms2022-07-22T09:07:30-07:00

A Sonic Tsunami

A Sonic Tsunami: Born in the front end of your listening room. December 9, 2016 Comment recently added to Sunday Morning HiFi #4 blog [...]

A Sonic Tsunami2022-05-24T08:48:33-07:00

ASC’s 5.1 Surround AttackWall

ASC’s 5.1 Surround AttackWall Transcript of a seminar presented by Arthur Noxon P.E., President of Acoustic Sciences Corporation, at the Surround 2001 International Conference [...]

ASC’s 5.1 Surround AttackWall2022-04-22T09:33:52-07:00

The Sound of Space Design

An invited lecture to Interior Design class at Oregon State College in 2012 The goal of this paper is to help interior designers open their [...]

The Sound of Space Design2022-04-01T10:51:07-07:00

Stonehenge Acoustics and ASC’s QuickSoundField

Let's talk about Stonehenge Acoustics and ASC's QuickSoundField. The Neolithic monument in southern England known as Stonehenge has a 4500 year history that is [...]

Stonehenge Acoustics and ASC’s QuickSoundField2022-02-08T11:28:21-08:00

Playing a Long and Narrow Room Properly

If your audio room is quite long and fairly narrow, this tip applies to you.  If your audio room also has a peaked ceiling that [...]

Playing a Long and Narrow Room Properly2022-02-08T10:24:16-08:00

AttackWall Acoustic Treatment

AttackWall Acoustic Treatment: Michael Cooper tests the application, and evaluates the cost-effectiveness, of the AttackWall from Acoustic Sciences Corporation. View as PDF It could be [...]

AttackWall Acoustic Treatment2022-03-14T11:58:02-07:00


For the audiophile, "ambience" is a highly desirable acoustic quality of the listening room where sound seems to hang in the air, to have a low level [...]



Diffusion is the scattering and weakening of reflected sound. A properly diffused reflection produces a more natural sound, contributing to enhanced Ambience in a room. The concept [...]



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