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Art Noxon is a fully accredited Acoustical Engineer with Master of Science degrees in Mechanical Engineering/Acoustics and Physics. A Professional Engineer since 1982, he is licensed in Oregon to practice engineering in the public domain with the specialty area of acoustics. A prolific inventor, he developed and patented the iconic TubeTrap, the original corner-loaded bass trap/treble diffuser, 150 other acoustic devices, and counting. Lecturer, writer, and teacher of acoustics, he has presented 7 AES papers, numerous magazine articles, white papers and blogs. He is president of Acoustic Sciences Corporation, the company he founded in 1984.
Licensed Professional Engineer

Stereosonic Image Training

Article from ASC Founder and TubeTrap inventor Art Noxon, Acoustical PE,... Enjoy!   Rephrase with Ginger (Ctrl+Alt+E) Here's an Experiment - Call it [...]

Stereosonic Image Training2024-06-17T09:56:00-07:00

Power Balance in a Listening Room

Art Noxon speaks about the power balance in a listening room at the 2018 California Audio Show (CAS). [...]

Power Balance in a Listening Room2024-06-10T11:55:09-07:00

A Career in Sound

A lecture/demo given by Art Noxon PE Acoustic from 2018 to high school girls who might be interested in a career [...]

A Career in Sound2024-05-22T09:44:53-07:00

Art Noxon at AES 2015

W3 – Low Frequency Behavior in Small High Accuracy Listening Environments Listen to Art’s talk: [...]

Art Noxon at AES 20152024-04-25T08:48:14-07:00

Art’s Talk at Burning Amp

Art Noxon provided a video lecture for this year’s Burning Amp Festival Attendees. Read the quick summary below, then watch [...]

Art’s Talk at Burning Amp2024-06-10T12:04:20-07:00

Chasing Sound in Grauman’s Chinese Theater

ASC president and TubeTrap inventor, Art Noxon, PE Acoustical shares his acoustic discovery in Hollywood’s world-famous Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Here’s what Grauman’s [...]

Chasing Sound in Grauman’s Chinese Theater2024-06-27T10:27:50-07:00

Spaciousness Signals

Art Noxon had an opportunity to address PAF Hifi enthusiasts regarding Hifi room acoustics. We feature an excerpt from Art's talk at the [...]

Spaciousness Signals2024-06-10T12:11:02-07:00
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