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Art Noxon is a fully accredited Acoustical Engineer with Master of Science degrees in Mechanical Engineering/Acoustics and Physics. A Professional Engineer since 1982, he is licensed in Oregon to practice engineering in the public domain with the specialty area of acoustics. A prolific inventor, he developed and patented the iconic TubeTrap, the original corner-loaded bass trap/treble diffuser, 150 other acoustic devices, and counting. Lecturer, writer, and teacher of acoustics, he has presented 7 AES papers, numerous magazine articles, white papers and blogs. He is president of Acoustic Sciences Corporation, the company he founded in 1984.


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For the audiophile, "ambience" is a highly desirable acoustic quality of the listening room where sound seems to hang in the air, to have a low level [...]

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Diffusion is the scattering and weakening of reflected sound. A properly diffused reflection produces a more natural sound, contributing to enhanced Ambience in a room. If an [...]

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AttackWall – History

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The development of the ASC AttackWall took place in two different parts of the country, by two different people, each working alone on two different [...]

Buy Subwoofers instead of Soundproofing

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Dec 2014, comments submitted to Audiophile Review supporting Brent Butterworth’s article about multiple subs.  Good work Brent... There are other reasons to have multiple subs than [...]

More On Early Reflections

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Comment to Audiophile Review, Roger Scoff, 6/19/14, Room Acoustics,  "What gets you more, $10k ..." The diagram showing the direct, 1st reflection and reverberation as being [...]

What is MTF for sound?

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The sonic MTF is how the clarity of sound or intelligibility of speech is physically measured. A similar system exists for measuring the clarity of [...]

What is Sonic Shimmer?

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When it comes to measurement or assessment tools in acoustics, we have a problem when the tools we have do not agree with subjective interpretations. [...]

Voicing the Church

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There are two aspects to Church Acoustic projects. One is the acoustic material to be used and the second is the strategy for the application [...]

Persian Rug Acoustics

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The timeless image of HiFi is a high flying Persian carpet sporting a listening chair and a pair of loudspeakers. Yes, it’s true. A good [...]

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