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Art Noxon PE president of Acoustic Sciences and inventor of the tubetrap bass trapArt Noxon is a fully accredited Professional Acoustical Engineer with Master’s degree in both Mechanical Engineering (Acoustics) and Physics. He invented the TubeTrap in 1983. He created Acoustic Sciences Corp in 1984 to manufacture and distribute the TubeTrap. A prolific inventor, he has 12 TubeTrap related patents and has developed over 150 other acoustic devices and counting. A scientist, lecturer, writer, and teacher of acoustics, Art Noxon has presented numerous AES papers, magazine articles, white papers, lectures and classes in the field of applied acoustics.

  • Grauman's Chinese Theatre Hollywood

Chasing Sound in Grauman’s Chinese Theater

By |November 10, 2023|

ASC president and TubeTrap inventor, Art Noxon, PE Acoustical shares his acoustic discovery in Hollywood's world-famous Grauman's Chinese Theater. Here’s what Grauman’s Chinese Theater looks like [...]

A Sonic Tsunami

By |May 23, 2022|

A Sonic Tsunami: Born in the front end of your listening room. December 9, 2016 Comment recently added to Sunday Morning HiFi #4 blog [...]

ASC’s 5.1 Surround AttackWall

By |April 19, 2022|

ASC’s 5.1 Surround AttackWall Transcript of a seminar presented by Arthur Noxon P.E., President of Acoustic Sciences Corporation, at the Surround 2001 International Conference [...]

The Sound of Space Design

By |April 1, 2022|

An invited lecture to Interior Design class at Oregon State College in 2012 The goal of this paper is to help interior designers open their [...]

  • Ambience, Man enjoying high quality hifi


By |February 12, 2021|

For the audiophile, "ambience" is a highly desirable acoustic quality of the listening room where sound seems to hang in the air, to have a low level [...]

  • diffusion


By |February 12, 2021|

Diffusion is the scattering and weakening of reflected sound. A properly diffused reflection produces a more natural sound, contributing to enhanced Ambience in a room. The concept [...]

  • Putting the Art in Articulation, woman sitting on floor listening to albums

Putting the Art in Articulation

By |November 13, 2020|

This week we Putting the Art in Articulation as we look into the effect of poor articulation on tonal transients. These are sonic events that [...]

  • AttackWall - History, attackwall-surfstreetstudios

AttackWall – History

By |October 13, 2020|

The development of the ASC AttackWall took place in two different parts of the country, by two different people, each working alone on two [...]

  • California Audio Society 2019 Show

California Audio Society 2019 Show

By |August 15, 2019|

California Audio Society 2019 Show was held between July 26th-28th at the Hilton Oakland Airport.  Dagogo hosted the show for its 9th year serving [...]

  • Remove a Corner Bass TrapGjallahorn-Audio, What's with HiFi These Days

What’s with HiFi These Days

By |January 22, 2015|

What’s with HiFi these days?  Nothing much, except it’s a new generation of people who are discovering it…  It started in NYC in the [...]

  • Buy Subwoofers Instead of Soundproofing, subtrap subwoofer stand, Buy Subwoofers instead of Soundproofing

Buy Subwoofers Instead of Soundproofing

By |December 3, 2014|

Buy Subwoofers Instead of Soundproofing Dec 2014, comments submitted to Audiophile Review supporting Brent Butterworth’s article about multiple subs. Good work Brent... There are other reasons [...]

  • More On Early Reflections

More On Early Reflections

By |October 27, 2014|

Comment to Audiophile Review, Roger Scoff, 6/19/14, Room Acoustics,  "What gets you more, $10k ..." The diagram showing the direct, 1st reflection and reverberation as being [...]

  • Sonic Clarity vs. Frequency Response, What is MTF for sound?

What is MTF for sound?

By |September 4, 2013|

The sonic MTF is how the clarity of sound or intelligibility of speech is physically measured. A similar system exists for measuring the clarity of [...]

  • What is Sonic Shimmer? looking up at open window, blue sky windy curtain

What is Sonic Shimmer?

By |April 29, 2013|

Let's ask ourselves, What is Sonic Shimmer? When it comes to measurement or assessment tools in acoustics, we have a problem when the tools [...]

  • red Acoustic Carpets in home theater, Jeff's Home Theater, Hifi room, red acoustic carpets

Acoustic Carpets

By |October 5, 2012|

All “acoustics” are not the same. We have sound proofing and then we have sound conditioning. Sound proofing means keeping the sound in the [...]

  • Voicing the Church

Voicing the Church

By |June 1, 2009|

There are two aspects to Church Acoustic projects. One is the acoustic material to be used and the second is the strategy for the application [...]

  • Michael Jackson and ASC,

Michael Jackson and ASC

By |June 1, 2009|

Bruce Swedien had recorded and mixed Thriller in 1982 and by 1987 he was still the top recording engineer in the world. Bruce, Michael [...]

  • Persian Carpet & Acoustics, hifi room in the desert with panels behind the seated listener

Persian Rug Acoustics

By |April 10, 2007|

The timeless image of HiFi is a high flying Persian carpet sporting a listening chair and a pair of loudspeakers. [...]


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