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ASC QuickSoundField made of studiotrap bass traps surrounding vocal mic

Quick Sound Field

Acoustic Sciences’ Quick Sound Field: redefining world class recording environments to capture life-like musical experiences, regardless of room size or conditions.

Eight is Great

Eight StudioTraps is all you need to hear the magic. Start with a 4 foot diameter circle of traps with the chrome buttons facing inward, omni mic just about in the middle. The talent goes in the circle and puts out their heart and soul, dancing and emoting like no one is listening. The sound is captured in a perfectly natural way, often requiring no equalization, compression, or artificial reverb.

Increase the size of the circle for larger instruments such as a drum kit. Then try moving the StudioTraps closer together by decreasing the size of the circle for even greater isolation against the room sound. You’ll notice the increase in presence as the bass and midrange stay clean and balanced. No more boxy vocal booth sound that needs to be fixed in the mix.

For a different sonic flavor, many more configurations using your 8-pack of StudioTraps can be found here. And here’s another added bonus: slide your StudioTraps over next to your monitor speakers and mix down your song in an AttackWall!

Multi-Grammy Winner Brian Vibberts Shares his thoughts on ASC’s StudioTraps and the Quick Sound Field.

Rocker Mitch Malloy performs the Aerosmith classic Dream On in front of his AttackWall.

Home Studio Tracking

There is no need for sound panels in locations where the sound doesn’t arrive. The Quick Sound Field configuration of StudioTraps effectively “shadows” all the room surfaces. The bare room becomes a low level diffusive time delayed ambience deep in the background of the recording. Best of all, it works the same in any room.

It’s adjustable from the old standard studio-dead sounding track to a more live-studio sounding track and anywhere between. You’re mixing at the mic, getting the sound that needs to be captured on the first take. You have to hear it to believe it.

ASC QuickSoundField white studiotraps around seaglass acrylic drumset in studio

World Class Results

“Michael loved my TubeTraps – he was fascinated with them. We would try all sorts of different set-ups with the TubeTraps to get a sound field that was really interesting. They save a lot of time.”

Bruce Swedien – 5-time Grammy winning recording engineer – used ASC StudioTraps extensively for recording MJ’s vocals

Bruce Swedien and Michael Jackson at a mixing board

Quick Sound Field Vocal Space

StudioTraps set up around the mic and talent

Get the sound in the talent’s imagination…direct to tape

white asc studiotrap bass traps in a quicksoundfield configuration in a mixing studio
white asc studiotrap bass traps in a quicksoundfield configuration in a mixing studio

Complete Your Studio

Add ASC MonitorStands to convert your Quick Sound Field into an AttackWall mixing/editing workstation.

ASC QuickSoundField studiotraps


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