StudioTrap (2/box)


The StudioTrap from ASC is the most essential tool for controlling studio acoustics.

The award winning StudioTrap offers adjustable treble absorption & diffusion, 360 degree mid bass trapping, and variable height in one convenient package.  Improve accuracy and ambience in your mixes and recordings by assembling the StudioTrap into AttackWall and Quick Sound Field configurations.

Get big studio sound in any sized room.  The StudioTrap’s versatility and portability can create the same sonic environment in any room, anywhere.

StudioTraps are used by renowned music producers, mixing engineers, and artists in the studio. Standing on a tripod, StudioTraps are adjustable from 4 feet to 6 feet tall. You can quickly modify the height and diffusion characteristics in order to create the exact sound space you need at that time.

How StudioTraps Work

Half of the StudioTrap body is treble diffusive which provides a a bright backscatter for frequencies above approx 800 Hz. The other half of the body is broadband absorptive, maintaining 50% efficiency all the way down to 110 Hz.  As with all TubeTrap products, the bass trapping occurs through the action of an acoustic RC circuit which operates nearly instantaneously, providing control of sonic events all the way through the ADSR envelope without coloring the timbre or tone.

As used in an AttackWall, the characteristic impedance of the StudioTrap’s inner material allows it to partially absorb and partially vent low frequency energy emanating from the loudspeakers.  The “impedance walls” created by several StudioTraps arrayed together allow the operating frequency to extend well into the subwoofer range, where energy dissipation and diffusion both occur.

When arranged in a QuickSoundField layout, each StudioTrap is oriented with its diffusive face (indicated by the bright shiny button) toward the microphone and talent.  The most common QSF size (8 StudioTraps in a horseshoe pattern) provides an extraordinarily dense sequence of early reflections in the “presence” tonal range.  Thousands of reflections arrive at the microphone within the Haas window, strengthening the direct signal, while the absorptive outer faces of the StudioTraps reduce the reverberant noise.  This improved S/N ratio allows greater mobility of the performer during recording (such as a singer dancing, or a saxophonist reeling up and down) without compromising the quality of the track.

Setup and Use


“Before, the dynamics were buried in room bleed. Now my drum tracks sound tight and clear as if they were recorded in a real live room”

Capture the true character of your instrument’s sound anywhere, eliminate early reflections interfering with your creative workflow, without the use of a live room.


“The mic used to sound like it was trapped inside the vocal booth, nasally and dead. Now the tracks are loaded with vocal texture, open, clear, and concise!”

Capture the vocalist in a perfectly clear sonic space so you can achieve vocal clarity to match your vision…without the construction of a vocal booth!


“Before I was struggling, I could not get the mixes to sound right. Now I get focused, palpable sonic image right in front of me, stable volume levels and crystal clear dynamics”



Used all over the world, StudioTraps are a modified version of a TubeTrap, and are a powerful and versatile tool for the recording industry. StudioTraps are not only broadband sound absorbers, but also provide the broadest band of diffusion of any TubeTrap product. StudioTraps ship with built-in stands to adjust height as needed, and color can be chosen to match nearly any room decor.

All You Need is 8 and You Are on Your Way to Create!

With a starter pack of 8 StudioTraps, you do not need to build a recording studio or halt production because of ongoing construction. With StudioTraps you do not need to construct a vocal booth either.

Simply surround the talent with 8 StudioTraps to form a Quick Sound Field, an acoustic chamber free of room resonance and early reflections.  Mic up the talent, hit record and begin tracking your vocals, guitars, drums, violins, sax, trombone, harmonica, tambourine, accordion, you name it-even a hurdy-gurdy!

An Integral Part of the Organic Recording Process

From recording to mix-down, the StudioTrap is an integral part of the organic recording process

When you are done tracking you can move the StudioTraps beside your monitors to build a AttackWall, to form a clear and balanced mixing environment free of early reflections. With a set of 8 studio traps placed behind your digital audio workstation, making choices and making adjustments to levels behind the mixing board is simplified.

StudioTraps are fully fiber-sealed in acoustically transparent micromesh. Their unique characteristics make them powerful and versatile tools for use throughout all aspects of the recording process. Your ears will certainly tell you that the traps are working. StudioTraps are not only broadband sound absorbers, but also provide the broadest band of diffusion of any TubeTrap product.

The StudioTrap has been fine-tuned by our engineers to professional standards.

  • Sturdy exoskeleton
  • Tunable ambient brightness
  • Adjustable wide angle diffusion
  • Adjustable height
  • Tripod foot allows tight nesting
  • GreenGuard certified core
  • fiber-sealed construction
  • 100% recycled finish fabric (Guilford of Maine)


  • Adjustable diffusion prevents “dead room”
  • Adjustable full bandwidth absorption (dynamic)
  • control excess reverberation and mid bass mud
  • Sturdy exoskeleton makes it dent resistant for easy placement
  • Mitigate comb filtering
  • Improves signal to acoustic room noise ratio (room to primary signal)
  • Non resonant construction
  • Light weight for easy transport


  • Vocal recording
  • Instrument recording
  • In the control room: “take the room out of the mix”
  • Pseudo-soffiting of mid and near-field monitors
  • Assemble ASC AttackWall
  • Assemble ASC QuickSoundField

Watch this assembly video.

Watch this stand troubleshooting video.

  • StudioTraps are sold in pairs, 2/box
  • Diameter: 9 1/2″
  • Adjustable height: 54″ to 74″ (from top)
  • Adjustable treble diffusion: >400 Hz
  • Weight: 12 pounds (each)
  • Ships in 2-4 business days (stock colors)
Assembly Troubleshooting

Custom Fabric Colors

Any product using our Guilford Stock Fabrics can have one of our custom fabrics ordered.

Custom Fabric Pricing is 10% additional, minimum $175/order 


Order Cost Custom Fabric Cost    Total
$2,500.00 $250.00 $2,750.00
$218.00 $175.00 $393.00

NOTE: Some lighter-colored fabrics can incur additional sub-charges for hue matching.

Custom fabric does not impact shipping costs or product weight.

We carry many custom colors in our factory, but this is not guaranteed.  Orders requesting custom fabric will require 1-4 weeks lead time based on availability.  Contact us for details and availability.

TubeTrap Endcaps

These are painted gloss black with texture lacquer.



Assembly Instructions

StudioTrap assembly instructions

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