blue attackwall with mixer and monitors, pro audio mixing station

AttackWall Pro Mix Environment

The AttackWall delivers a professional-grade mixing environment in any room. Your moves are quick and sure with no second guessing, the mix hangs together everywhere. When you need to relocate, you won’t lose control of your mixing environment, you’ll be taking it with you. An AttackWall makes mixing easier.

light grey AttackWall redefines mixing
white AttackWall in pro audio mixing studio

Control Room Acoustics

The AttackWall lets you build a professional grade control room without even a hammer. It creates the perfect mixing environment in the middle of the room while casting acoustic shadows into the rest of your room. It surrounds itself with a quiet and diffused acoustic zone that doesn’t need room acoustics.

Crystal-Clear Sonic Space

Step up to an AttackWall and play just one of your old mixes. You’ll instantly hear what you were hoping to avoid…. All hesitant guess work disappears when room glare is eliminated, displaced by the crystal-clear imaging into a stable sonic space that can only be found within the AttackWall.

white studiotraps in a pro audio mixing studio
AttackWall illustration of navy blue made from studiotraps

No Control Room? No Problem

AttackWall creates your ideal mix environment

Used all over the world, the AttackWall is a free standing workstation that consistently produces the most amazingly clear sonic space you’ll ever work in. Created from a series of StudioTraps and custom MonitorStands that decouple your speaker and serve as deep bass traps, this combination serves to control the entire bandwidth of sound to deliver mixes that translate perfectly.

When you need reliable, repeatable and accurate sonic conditions to do your work, nothing beats the AttackWall. Equally adept for tracking, mixing and mastering, you can achieve the same quality results regardless of room dynamics or monitor speakers used.

Art Noxon and Bruce Swedien attackwall
“StudioTraps have been one of my ‘secret weapons’ all these years. They are an incredible product – durable, portable extremely flexible and most important they give me the ability to achieve precise, repeatable sound results with whatever microphones I choose, wherever I work. I haven’t done a project without them.”
Bruce Swedien
5-time Grammy-winning Recording Engineer
brian vibberts at his asc attackwall
“I use an Attack Wall in my mixing room, which is OUTSTANDING! I love it. For recording, I always use the QuickSoundField setup, whether I am at a smaller studio or I am at Ocean Way Recording! I have used it for recording vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, drums, horns, acoustic bass, choir, percussion, and more.”
Brian Vibberts
7-time Grammy-winning Recording Engineer
“The AttackWall is a first-class product that has transformed my studio, allowing me to deliver productions and mixes at the highest level.”
Andrew Maury
Mixing Engineer
stuart white at his asc attackwall
“You kind of hear a detail with the AttackWall that you don’t get in other situations… I’m hearing subtleties in the delays, panning and imaging. Some studios are like that, some aren’t, but with the AttackWall it’s like that every time.”
Stuart White
2-time Grammy-winning Mixing Engineer
“After a couple of years of research, I’ve chosen the AttackWall… I am no longer fighting the ‘room sound’ by increasing the volume to overpower it.”
Dave Kutch
Mastering Engineer
“TubeTraps turned Sigma’s Control Room 2 from a disaster into a room that our clients and staff both love, and saved us big bucks in a planned rebuild. I highly recommend them.”
Joe Tarsia
Sigma Sound Studios
“It will change your life. You will mix faster and easier. Your mixes will be so much clearer… You will suddenly become twenty times the engineer you ever thought you were.”
Gregory Scott
Kush Audio
“I got an AttackWall with 14 Tube Traps and two MonitorTraps set up all around the front of the room, and the imaging is incredible! It’s actually better than my other studio was; really, really, nice imaging, smooth midrange and top… It is pretty amazing that just a regular, residential, eleven-by-thirteen bedroom is actually now a useful recording space.”
Mick Guzauski
9-time Grammy-winning Mixing Engineer
“The attack wall lets me have the sonic precision and tightness I’ve been looking for, and have not found in any room. It allows me to work in my open loft space, rather than the common commercial studio, which most writer/producers and artists I work with prefer.”
Jon Castelli
Mixing Engineer
“The AttackWall Environment has solved a huge problem in what we hear… I am supremely confident in the translation of every mix!”
Gary Lux
Mixing Engineer
“The AttackWall changed my life!”
Kevin Olusola

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AttackWall redefines mixing
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