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Iso Wall Materials Price Calculator

Complete the form below to determine material quantities and costs for the ASC IsoWall sound conditioning and isolation system. This system includes damping pads, [...]

Iso Wall Materials Price Calculator2023-09-25T15:22:48-07:00

Audiophiles & Room Acoustics

Reprinted with permission from audiophilereview.com (see for some great comments)   Why Audiophiles Need to Care About Room Acoustics By Art Noxon | March 6, 2013 8:52 AM [...]

Audiophiles & Room Acoustics2022-06-22T09:02:44-07:00

Large Room Acoustics: The Timing of Reflections

Timing is Everything... ...in engines, in investing, in acoustics...and in many aspects of life. It's time to talk about Large Room Acoustics: The Timing of [...]

Large Room Acoustics: The Timing of Reflections2022-02-08T11:30:18-08:00

The QuickSoundField

The QuickSoundField: A Studio Legend The QuickSoundField is a versatile assembly of ASC StudioTraps. Born from the legendary TubeTrap, and optimized for use in [...]

The QuickSoundField2022-02-14T08:57:34-08:00

The Upgrade Plateau

Always Reaching Higher Audiophiles are dedicated, sometimes fanatically, to the continual improvement and refinement of their sound systems to increase the quality of the sound. [...]

The Upgrade Plateau2022-02-08T09:35:59-08:00

Case Study: HiFi in a Living Room

Real-World Rooms: Where We Live Some have the luxury of building a dedicated listening room from the ground up, taking care to isolate, decouple, damp, [...]

Case Study: HiFi in a Living Room2022-02-10T10:34:04-08:00

Congrats Dr Vibb on Grammy number 7

Acoustic Sciences Corporation is proud to say Congrats Dr Vibb on Grammy number 7! Our old buddy AttackWall user mixed the winner for Best [...]

Congrats Dr Vibb on Grammy number 72022-05-19T10:20:21-07:00

ASC Ships Container to Europe!

Once again, ASC Ships a Container to Europe! Our European dealer of ASC products will be receiving a large shipment of TubeTraps and assorted [...]

ASC Ships Container to Europe!2022-05-19T09:33:18-07:00

Stereophile Recommended Components 2021!

You heard right! ASC TubeTraps are included in the latest Stereophile Recommended Components 2021! Acoustic Sciences Corporation is proud to announce another year [...]

Stereophile Recommended Components 2021!2022-02-23T11:06:59-08:00

Let’s Talk About NRC

Large Room Acoustics Let's Talk About NRC! This week we take a step out of our relatively small listening rooms and studios and think about [...]

Let’s Talk About NRC2022-02-21T09:31:21-08:00


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