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Soundfences and Acoustic Barriers

We have 3 main solutions to handle residential, commercial and any other outdoor acoustic barriers

Residential Soundfence

Acoustical Residential SoundFence for reducing sounds in noisy neighborhoods and residential areas. Acoustic fences will reduce the sound from heat pumps, pool filters, pool pumps, traffic noise and more. Residential sound-proofing in neighborhoods.

Commecial Soundfence

If you have outdoor compressors, transformers or HVAC equipment in close proximity to residential areas, odds are good that you need an ASC SoundFence. There are many types of noise barriers available, but none of them absorb noise like the SoundFence. They also share a common theme: high cost. The SoundFence gets the job done better while costing a fraction of comparable barrier systems.


An EarthWall is essentially a vertical set of trays which can be filled with growing material and planted. Although the tray system initially looks like a set of horizontal galvanized metal fence rails, after plants or ground cover takes root, the planting trays become grown over and the galvanized railings are hidden from view. If need be, the galvanized side can be painted or covered with wood to temporarily obscure the galvanized material from view.

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