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Large Spaces, Gyms & Pools

These are large cavernous spaces that typically have “big” sound problems that go along with their size.

Pools & Gyms are full of nasty echo and reverberation, making voices and musical sounds “unintelligible” and hard to understand. This also creates difficult work environments and safety concerns for those whose jobs require many hours at the gym or pool.

Basic Concepts

The root problem of this noise is a result of sound reflecting off the walls, floors and ceiling, and not being quickly absorbed. What is required is the sound absorbing wall panels, ceiling panels, or baffles.

What you need to determine is:

  • How much absorption is needed
  • What products should be used
  • Where and how they should be mounted for optimal performance and minimal cost.

This is were we can help. From consultation to analysis, and coming up with a workable budget. From there, we custom manufacture your project panels and baffles in the color and finish of your choice.


Select Materials

The materials we use for absorption is very efficient throughout the vocal sound range. After all, it is the sound of the voice that needs to be clearly transmitted from the speaker to the listener.

Our approach to sound control for gyms and pools is to reduce the strength of early reflections that do not contribute directly to the understanding of speech from the speakers. In so doing, we reduce the built up strength of the reverb field but not so much its decay rate.

All Products are made to comply with fire and safety regulations.


RT = Reverb Time. Reverb time is the measure of how fast energy is removed from a room.

We change the reverb rate because we have added absorption into the room. However, our work is designed carefully to reduce the strength, the loudness of the reverb field, and incidentally, the rate of the reverb decay. This is the “signal-to-noise” approach to noise control and it is consistent with intelligibility requirements. As a result, we achieve clear sounding rooms that still retain their reverberant signature.

  • Gymnasiums
  • Athletic Clubs & Work-Out Rooms
  • Public Swimming Pools
  • Private Athletic Clubs
  • Hotel & Resort Pools
  • Dance Studios


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