ASC & Von Schweikert Audio Win Positive Feedback Audio at AXPONA 2018


ASC & Von Schweikert Audio Win Positive Feedback Audio at AXPONA 2018 in The Audio Company room featuring Von Schweikert Ultra 11 loudspeakers with VAC 450iQ power amplifiers.

Better Room Acoustics Listening Rooms, ASC & Von Schweikert Audio

It is no small accomplishment when the fruits of the painstaking, exhaustive, indefatigable, and passionate labors of some of the world’s most exceptional designers and engineers combine to provide a listening experience so profound, so stunningly real, so inescapably authentic. This room featured the work of Louis Desjardins (Kronos), Jeff Jacobs (J-Corder), the entire engineering team at MasterBuilt Audio, Art Noxon (ASC), and the Von Schweikert design team (consisting of now semi-retired Albert Von Schweikert, his son Damon Von Schweikert, and their new VP, Leif Swanson). Also featured in this audio room was Esoteric, Aurender, Critical Mass Systems, Air Tight and J-Corder.

Better Listening Room Acoustics, ASC & Von Schweikert Audio

The TubeTrap’s claim to fame is its unrivaled ability to absorb low-frequency sound energy. After its release to the public, it quickly became the de facto standard for acoustic room treatment. Generally set up in the corners of the room where they act like sonic shock absorbers, TubeTraps eliminate excessive build-up of bass energy in the room while their built-in diffusers minimize flutter echo by horizontally scattering mid-high frequency sounds to provide fine grained lateral ambience.

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AXPONA (Audio Expo North America) is the largest high-end audio show in North America. The three-day experience features multiple hotel floors packed with listening rooms, The Exhibit Hall featuring Ear Gear Expo and The Record Fair, seminars and live musical performances. Whether you’re a serious audiophile, a newcomer to high-end audio or simply a music lover, you’ll find everything you need to immerse yourself in your favorite sounds.

The event features over 150 high fidelity listening rooms, providing guests the enviable opportunity to experience the newest technology in high-end consumer audio products. Attendees are encouraged to go from room to room and sit, listen and compare the various systems. The Marketplace and Ear Gear Expo play host to thousands of products and accessories from cables to headphones to LPs and SACDs.

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