123 Main Street’s Brand New Sound


123 Main Street Has Brand New Sound

Luxury apartments above and a new busy restaurant below had become a noise problem. The restaurant was too noisy for patrons inside and too noisy for the neighbors overhead during busy hours. Acoustic Sciences was happy to help provide 123 Main Street’s brand new sound.

Property managers went looking for some help with restaurant acoustics and found ASC. We worked with them on various designs and a cost-effective solution was selected.

“People now constantly remark about how quiet the space is, but not unnaturally so.”

Gary Schotland

For more about this restaurant acoustics project, see the project page.

Sound Control

ASC SoundPlanks are the perfect companion to ASC TubeTraps for complete control of the acoustics in your room.  After the bass range is under control, the SoundPlanks further improve imaging and flutter echo without taking up any floor space.  Install approximately 16″ on center near early reflection points for optimal results.

The SoundPlank is Essential for any listening environment and are the most effective tool for managing perimeter reflections and keeping the RT-60 of your room optimized.

The SoundPlank manages mid-range and upper bass is absorbed while the integrated diffuser strip keeps your room bright and not over-damped.

Other acoustical panels are large and cover lots of wall space and are marginally flexible to any doors, furniture, windows and other features of your space.


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