TubeTraps for The Who’s Quadrophenia Tour


Recently, we here at ASC had the amazing opportunity of working with The Who in providing TubeTraps for The Who’s Quadrophenia Tour.

Guess “who” we just worked with?

Once again we are working with the Pete Townshend and the Who, this time it’s on stage for their present 50 stop tour. 25 years ago we renovated Pete’s synclavier sampling room, the boat house at Eel Pie Studios, using the Quick Sound Field technique for mic’d sound. This time we are apply the AttackWall technique to the kick drum speaker located on stage right behind Ringo Starr’s son, Zak Starkey, who is playing drums on this tour.

TubeTraps for The Who's Quadrophenia Tour, Zak Starkey with ASC TubeTraps Bass Trap

As the project progressed, it was realized that there would have to be a way to safely transport the bass traps from site to site. We here at ASC then worked with Anvil Cases to develop a case that could store the TubeTraps. We then sent Chris down to Florida to meet with The Who and help set up the cases.

Chris Klein, project manager for Acoustic Sciences Corporation, said that he loved working with The Who. “I met them at rehearsals in the Silver Spur Arenain Orlando, Florida. It was fun, they’re all really nice guys and very professional.” Acoustic Sciences provided an array of TubeTraps, ASC’s corner-loaded bass traps, to be placed behind the drums. “We used TubeTraps in order to cut down on resonance from the kick drum coming out of a subwoofer behind Zak.” Zak Starkey is the drummer for the Quadrophenia World Tour, and has worked with The Who since 1994.

TubeTraps for The Who's Quadrophenia Tour, Pete Townshend The Who Recent Photo With Chris Klein and ASC Bass Traps

Pete Townshend has been a longtime supporter of our products, having been one of the first celebrities to purchase ASC TubeTraps. We’re honored to have been able to work with such an amazing group of people and hope to work with them again.

The TubeTraps were on display behind The Who during the 12/12/12 benefit concert for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

The Who’s Quadrophenia Tour information and dates are available at

Photos provided courtesy of Ute Vergin.


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