TubeTraps Featured At Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2018


TubeTraps FeaturedAlthough Acoustic Sciences Corporation will not have a booth at the upcoming Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2018, we will certainly be well represented. We will be sending a small fleet of our IsoThermal TubeTraps to the fest for the listening rooms of Bricasti Design and Bending Wave USA.

Bricasti Design are the makers of high-end audio amplifiers and converters. Bricasti Design was founded in 2004 by former Harman Specialty Group employees Brian Zolner and Casey Dowdell. Zolner started working at the original Lexicon in 1984 and held various positions in sales, including development of its international sales network for both the professional and the consumer markets. In 2011, Bricasti introduced the M1 DAC to the hi-end consumer market. Since that time, the M1 has been acclaimed by the high-end audio press as state-of-the-art in digital audio reproduction. As with all of Bricasti’s products, the M1 is designed and built entirely in the United States, mostly in the Shirley, MA, facility.

Bricasti Design will be located in Room: 7013


Also requesting some of our TubeTraps for their listening room is Bending Wave USA. Bending Wave USA is an exclusive U.S. distributors for Göbel High End
patented loudspeakers and cables made in Germany. The fledgling company’s very first product in 2004 was the bending wave loudspeaker series called Detaille, which consisted of the bending wave emitter Detaille S, which was capable of covering a frequency range from 150 to 28,500 hertz, and a perfectly adapted subwoofer for the low-frequency section. Additionally in 2004 Göbel High End unveiled their first cable line Lacorde, which was also used inside of the Detaille loudspeakers. The Detaille series and Lacorde series really captured the heart of any audio fan who was lucky enough to ever get to listen to the curious and unique loudspeakers and cables: even the ears of high-end enthusiasts were rarely graced with such a sound, which was unbelievably natural on account of the exceptionally fine detail and outstanding impulse response of the Göbel bending wave driver.

TubeTraps Featured

In 2005 the patent for the Göbel bending wave technology was granted and Oliver Göbel built up an in-house sales structure for his products. The next venture was the wall-mountable loudspeaker series Modul, which was just as well received as the Detaille series.

Bending Wave USA will be located in the Room: Iris


So, if you have an opportunity to make it to the Rocky Mountain Audio Show, October 5-7, 2018, be sure to check these listening rooms out to hear some of the most incredible audio sensations on this planet!

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