Custom Acoustic Soffit For Skywalker Sound


ASC was asked to provide a Custom Acoustic Soffit For Skywalker Sound with a modified acoustic soffit to accommodate a projector they planned to install in one of their two primary Sound Design suites.

Skywalker Sound Soffits by ASCWhat was Needed

The soffit would need to fit the pre-existing soffit system (also provided by ASC) both mechanically and aesthetically and be large enough to ultimately encase a projector, its mounting system, and all of its wiring. The projector would then project its image through a small, glass opening in the soffit. The entire thing would need to be ventilated to allow for the projector’s exhaust, but remain sealed to prevent the projector’s sound from leaking out. Of course the entire unit still needed to function as an acoustic soffit. Due to time constraints, ASC decided to proceed with production without a working prototype. Based off an initial concept, and working from the list of requirements that needed to be fulfilled, ASC’s R&D/Manufacturing department worked closely with ASC Engineering, modifying and designing as the highly focused production progressed. In the end, ASC produced a soffit that maintained the same proportions as the pre-existing soffits, with the exception that the modified soffit would be thicker, hanging down from the ceiling two extra inches below the soffits on either side of it.

How It Works

The hollow cavity inside the soffit encases the projector, isolating it with intense sound deadening materials, while the large opening on the soffit’s right side allows the projector’s exhaust to be channeled out and away from the unit without ever breaching the sound seal. Additional neoprene sealing on the back of the soffit further seals the projector’s sound, preventing it from ever entering the room. The glass in the front opening of the unit was provided by Skywalker Sound, and is so clear that it is nearly invisible, even from a close distance. One of our salesmen had to tap the surface of it with a pencil to determine it was actually there. ASC completed and shipped the highly customized unit on deadline thanks to the large amount of cooperation between our engineering and manufacturing departments, and the incredible level of skill and knowledge both departments approach each project with.

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