TubeTraps Are TAS Editors Choice


TAS editors choice 2022 cover

The March 2022 issue of The Absolute Sound is hot off the presses and we are thrilled that once again TubeTraps are TAS Editors Choice for acoustic treatment.  The March issue features the Editor’s choices for outstanding products for your hifi room and beyond– we are honored to be chosen among other top-quality hifi room components. Their review reads:

ASC Tube Traps

TubeTraps from Acoustic Sciences Corporation are indispensable to improving your system’s sound. They can solve a wide range of acoustic problems with strategic placement and orientation. Boomy bass can be cured with a pair of 16″ Full Rounds in the corners behind the loudspeakers. Placed along the sidewalls between you and the loudspeakers, TubeTraps kill unwanted sidewall reflections, prevent flutter echo, and aid in diffusion. A single TubeTrap in the center of the wall behind the loudspeakers can expand soundstage depth. There are lots of question­able acoustic products on the market, but TubeTraps are the real deal. New IsoThermal version (not yet tested) claims to double absorption below 60Hz.RH

New to Acoustic Sciences TubeTraps? Here’s a little about what they do for your listening experience.

The TubeTrap bass trap diffuser is the original portable acoustic device. Invented in the fires of a concrete poured basement with uncontrollable bass reverberation, these devices tamed the muddy booming sound like nothing seen before them. Let’s take a closer look at why you need bass traps with treble diffusers as the foundation of your high-end audio listening or critical mixing space.

What Exactly is a TubeTrap?

A TubeTrap is a simple yet complex passive physical device that converts large wavelength sound energy to heat through friction. In other words, it is a compact bass trap. The mechanism by which it operates involves “lumped parameter” modeling, for which the lengths of the waves being affected are large compared to the object. The outer membrane was selected for its specific flow resistivity properties, while the dimensions of the internal air cavity were selected to optimize the capacitive energy storage rate properties. Each of these parameters were optimized to maximize sound energy conversion across the most critical bandwidth. To maintain a natural spectral balance in your room, an acoustic choke is added atop one half of the exterior surface to provide polycylindrical diffusion in the upper frequencies, starting about an octave above middle C.


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