Congrats Dr Vibb on Grammy number 7


Acoustic Sciences Corporation is proud to say Congrats Dr Vibb on Grammy number 7!

Our old buddy AttackWall user mixed the winner for Best Jazz Instrumental Album: “Trilogy 2”, by Christian McBride, Brian Blade and (the late) Chick Corea.

Working professionally since 1991, multiple Grammy Award Winner Brian Vibberts evolved in audio production at a time when analog equipment was still used for the majority of recording and mixing. With the continuous evolution of recording and mixing technologies, he has built a career with the best of both worlds – analog and digital. Brian embraces both and still uses them both for the best of what each has to offer. In combination with his experience in the music industry, a guaranteed high-quality final product is assured. Brian mixes creatively with years of experience. Even though the budgets are different, he brings the same quality of mixing to major label artists and emerging artists.

Brian has learned from the best in the industry: Al Schmitt, Mick Guzauski, and Bruce Swedien… working with Michael Jackson for an entire year on HIStory in 1994. Only 3 years out of college and Brian is working with the King of Pop! In 2007, Brian first worked with Chick Corea, won a Grammy Award, and started an ongoing flow of 33 discs mixed for him so far… (album = “The New Crystal Silence” by Chick Corea and Gary Burton) side note: Gary Burton was one of Brian’s teachers at Berklee College of Music! Brian has won a Grammy Award in 2008, 2009, a Latin Grammy in 2010, another Grammy in 2011, and then won again in 2015, 2016 and 2021.

An interesting fact (and a very difficult record to keep going !) = Brian has WON every Grammy Award that he has been nominated for! Whether it’s recording, mixing, or producing, Brian’s track record speaks for itself. All styles of music… from emerging bands to the biggest artists in the world…

Keep on rockin, Brian!

Congrats Dr. Vibb on Grammy number 7, What's Tracking - Featuring QSF

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