The Who gets more TubeTraps for 2019 Tour!


Acoustic Sciences Corporation ships another small load of replacement TubeTraps to The Who for the west coast US and UK leg of their 2019 tour. Keep on rocking!

The Who gets more TubeTraps for the Moving On! Tour. ASC’s founder, owner, and president attended the Who’s show in San Francisco at the brand new Chase Center and was floored by the magnificence and brilliance of it all.

Of course, the father of the TubeTraps was flattered, humbled, and just a little bit proud to see a few of his babies hanging out in front of Pete’s stage amps, sweetening the sound reaching the microphones.  You see, the amps need to be cranked up nearly to eleven in order to get the raw, passionate tone the Who’s legendary guitarist is known for.  Such ear-splitting levels can wreak havoc on other open mics on stage, as well as the hapless front row concert goers.  The TubeTraps help quiet the stage to a more comfortable level while the main PA launches the sonic tidal wave across the 15,000 other people in the arena.

backstage at the who show using asc tubetraps

When Mr Noxon visited the stage and got to say hello to the most adventurous TubeTraps in the family, he saw that some of them had taken a bit of road damage.  Such is life for a touring rock and roller, and just like the stars, the little TubeTraps kept on playing, day after day.  It was decided to relieve these noble soldiers of their duty and let them out to pasture for their golden years.  New units were built immediately, and shipped overnight to Los Angeles to meet up with the band for their shows at the Hollywood Bowl – voila, the Who gets more TubeTraps!

ASC even threw in a few bonus TubeTraps– our new Roadie Trap, to be announced soon!

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