ASC Ships Yet Another Ocean Container to Vietnam


Acoustic Sciences Corporation – manufacturer of the iconic TubeTrap – recently completed and shipped another container load of high end acoustics, our main distributor in southeast Asia and #1 international dealer: Dien Hi End of Vietnam.

This container contained a plethora of specialty acoustic items for use in HiFi listening rooms.  TowerTraps, CoolTraps, MatrixPanels, PCADs, SoundPlanks, and of course TubeTraps will be spread throughout Vietnam this holiday season.

“I’m really pleased to see high end audio systems, carefully put together, so alive and well in Vietnam,” says Art Noxon, Founder and President of ASC and inventor of the TubeTrap. “It continues to be a growing market for our business.”

Jordan Goulette, Shop Manager of ASC echoes this notion: “Dien Hi End has emerged as a very consistent and reliable fan of TubeTraps of all types,” says Goulette.  “Their orders cover all the major bases of room acoustics: corner bass trapping, mid-high diffusion, and flat panel treble control.  The Dien rep obviously understands room acoustics, and the Hi-Fi enthusiasts in Vietnam obviously understand what it takes to get the most out of their systems.”

All of the products are manufactured by hand in Eugene, OR at the ASC facility. The order was a few months in the making and filled an entire shipping container.

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