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ASC To Unveil New Product at T.H.E. Show Newport
Oregon-based company unveils the IsoThermal TubeTrap at T.H.E. Show Newport in Irvine, CA

IsoThermal TubeTrap Press Release- Eugene, OR. May 11, 2016: Acoustic Sciences Corporation (ASC) – manufacturer of the iconic TubeTrap – recently added a new product to their expansive line of acoustic treatment products: The 16×3 IsoThermal TubeTrap.

Isothermal TubeTrap Production Surpasses 1,000 Units!The IsoThermal TubeTrap delivers twice the sub bass absorption of a traditional TubeTrap below 60 Hz. That’s why the IsoThermal TubeTrap has two chrome dots along the rim instead of the traditional single dot: double dots means double power! And like the entire line of ASC products, the IsoThermal TubeTrap is also a high-speed trap.

“It happens at the speed of sound,” says Art Noxon, Founder and President of ASC and inventor of the original TubeTrap and the new IsoThermal TubeTrap. “We only have milliseconds to capture energy out of each pressure pulse, particularly those early reflections.”

The ASC IsoThermal TubeTrap sets the standard for the next generation of bass traps: IsoThermal BassTraps. This new class of bass trap essentially enlarges the effective air volume inside the bass trap which results in twice the sound absorbing power below 60 Hz without changing any aspect of the bass trap other than a 10% increase in weight. Unlike traditional acoustic effects, which become weaker as the frequency goes down, the IsoThermal BassTrap effect does not. Its enhanced performance remains steady below 60 Hz and the roll off occurs in the frequency range above.

The 16×3 ITTT is ASC’s introductory Isothermal TubeTrap and it is available at a 10% increase in cost over the standard 16×3 Original TubeTrap and in any standard color. A TubeTrap cannot be retrofit with an isothermal core which means the IsoThermal TubeTrap is only available as a new product.

The factory also announced that any TubeTrap can be modified during manufacturing and converted into an IsoThermal model. They anticipated that the primary application for the isothermal upgrade will be in the larger sizes, the 16”, the 20” and 24” diameter, both full and half round TubeTraps. For pricing call the factory 800-ASC-TUBE (272-8823) or

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