TubeTraps Win TAS Editors Choice Award… Again.


TubeTraps Win TAS Editors Choice Award... Again. tubetraps editors choice bass trapsTubeTraps Win TAS Editors Choice Award…again and are featured in The Absolute Sound’s Editors Choice Awards issue. The editors and writers of The Absolute Sound hand pick the audio gear they feel is “most worthy of your consideration.” The excerpt reads:

“Unless you have a professionally designed and treated room, TubeTraps from Acoustic Sciences Corporation are absolutely indispensable to improving your system’s sound. They are able to solve a wide range of acoustic problems with strategic placement and orientation. Boomy bass can be cured with a pair of 16″ Full Rounds in the corners behind the loudspeakers. Placed along the sidewalls between you and the loudspeakers, TubeTraps kill unwanted sidewall refelctions, prevent flutter echo, and aid in diffusion. A single TubeTrap in the center of the wall behind the loudspeaker can expand soundstage depth. There are lots of questionable acoustic products on the market, but TubeTraps are the real deal.”

Acoustic Sciences Corporation is proud to have received this recommendation and endorses The Absolute Sound as a great resource for any audiophile.


Audiophiles & Recording Engineers have relied on the Award winning TubeTraps to get their room sound just right.  The IsoThermal TubeTrap continues this tradition with our new patented technology by delivering twice the bass absorption power, a fully adjustable diffuser with dynamic broadband sound absorption and diffusion.  As the acoustic workhorse for solving your room’s sonic problems, the Isothermal TubeTrap offers extended bass absorption and treble range diffusion to help your room sound lively and tight.

Isothermal TubeTraps are modularself-containedbroadband acoustic absorber/diffusers that improve the quality of music playback.  No tricky installation required. Simply place them in the corners of your listening room or studio, and they go to work—giving you a clean musical bass-line, along with added high frequency ambient sparkle.


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