The Who Rocks Portland


On October 20th The Who rocked Portland, Oregon’s Moda Center once again! This time supporting their The Who Hits Back – The North American Tour 2022. ASC staff were in attendance to appreciate these monsters of rock perform their brand of driven and brash classic rock that has influenced the genre for over 50 years. ASC TubeTraps continue to grace the stage to help control stage volume and increase isolation. Pete Townsend and other members have realized the acoustic benefits of TubeTraps in live and studio settings for decades. The TubeTraps have been used with The Who concerts since the 80’s and show no signs of ending that trend anytime soon.

Pete and his TubeTraps    Pete Townshend The Who Recent Photo With Chris Klein and ASC Bass Traps

Pete Townsend in the studio with TubeTraps


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