Panels Calm Reverb at Yoga a Center


Panels calm reverb at yoga a center with large, hard surfaces, causing noise to build-up, which makes it difficult to practice yoga. Large custom ceiling panels ordered by Goodwin’s High End calm excessive reverb at a nearby yoga center.

large soundplank custom order ready to go. Panels Calm Reverb at Yoga a Center


The yoga center has large, hard surfaces, causing noise to build-up, which makes it difficult to practice yoga.

“It’s hard to do yoga in reverb chamber,” explains Art, President of ASC.


The solution was to create a perimeter of sound absorbing panels and install them as a traditional soffit. “The panels cast an acoustic shadow about a double their size, due to placement in the corners.” says Jordan, who oversaw production. The panels are a flat-mounted, budget version of the ASC Acoustic Soffit, which works more aggressively at the lower frequencies in situations where critical listening to audio is paramount.

One issue that had to be overcome was the irregularities of the building. “It’s an older building, and not all of the walls are straight,” says Art, “We recommended that the customer use 18″ cardboard strips to build a template of the sound panels they wanted directly on the ceiling.”

The staff at Goodwin’s carefully created the templates to fit around existing fixtures and match the unique shape of the yoga facility. Many were irregularly shaped to allow space for obstructions and fit the features the building.

They disassembled the cardboard soffit, numbered the 37 templates, created diagrams for both rooms and and shipped it all to ASC.

Templates Become Panels

Each cardboard template was laid out and the final panel built right onto the back of it. The fiberglass was cut to fit the cardboard, with a few millimeters shaved off here and there to allow for the thickness of the final layers of fabric used to seal and cover the fiberglass.

The finished panels will go right back into the same positions they were in as templates.

The cardboard backing also serves to strengthen the lengthy panels. The largest of the panels were 10 feet long, which is an unusually large size. “We were able to pick up the largest panels without them flexing too much,” explained Jordan. “The cardboard will also wick up the adhesive and allow it to out-gas while it cures.”

Stress Tests

ASC staff help install acoustic treatments

The panels went through a series of stress tests to make sure they would hold up, due to their unusually large size. The cardboard solution held up well while carrying and worked great during the glue test.

Jordan was concerned about the additional weight of the large panels, but was confident after the successful glue test.


The oversized panels required extra attention in the finishing area. “I had to build a custom workstation just to accommodate the large size,” says Victor, ASC’s Finisher. “They’re the biggest panels I’ve ever finished.” The panels were covered in Terra colored Guilford FR701.


large stack of soundplank custom order on a pallet and wrapped ready to go.    Panels Calm Reverb at Yoga Center“I had to play Tetris to get it to fit tight, so they don’t get damaged,” said John, ASC’s Shipper. He packed the whole order on a custom-built, oversized pallet, taking extra care and cardboard to reinforce the corners and ensure safe travel across the country.

Goodwin’s will install the numbered panels in the positions they created them, except now each cardboard cutout will have a sound-absorbing acoustic panel built to fit. Installation is scheduled for late June.

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