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Timing is Everything

We all know timing is important. We may not always appreciate the degree to which it applies to room acoustics, both large and small. [...]

Timing is Everything2021-10-15T11:20:45-07:00


Large Room Acoustics This week we take a step out of our relatively small listening rooms and studios and think about the treatment of [...]

ASC Talks NRC2021-10-08T11:52:51-07:00

Avalon Speakers and ASC TubeTraps

As one of the world's best speaker manufacturers, Avalon recommends the use of ASC TubeTraps in concert with all their speaker lines. Shown above [...]

Avalon Speakers and ASC TubeTraps2021-10-05T11:34:22-07:00

Stages of Acoustic Upgrades

The prospect of adding acoustic control devices to a HiFi listening room can be daunting. Where to start? What are my goals? For others [...]

Stages of Acoustic Upgrades2021-10-01T11:22:16-07:00

ASC Origins: The TubeTrap

The patented TubeTrap, where did it all begin? For decades hifi rooms and recording studios have been using TubeTraps to enrich their audio sound. [...]

ASC Origins: The TubeTrap2021-09-24T11:51:20-07:00

Upper Partials

We've discussed the importance of upper partials and retaining a clean envelope (ADSR) to preserve rhythm, dynamics and transient information in previous newsletters. Let's [...]

Upper Partials2021-09-17T11:29:57-07:00

Sonic Clarity vs. Frequency Response

We know how to measure the frequency response of our audio playback systems thanks to various software packages available for free, along with fairly [...]

Sonic Clarity vs. Frequency Response2021-09-10T11:50:31-07:00

Art in Articulation

Without properly hearing the transient content on the original recording, your playback will lack the detail and power that was captured. This week we [...]

Art in Articulation2021-09-03T11:31:07-07:00

Acoustic Shadowing

As we've shared, sometimes the best room treatment is to create a room within a room, or put another way, an "acoustic subspace". This applies [...]

Acoustic Shadowing2021-08-27T11:51:03-07:00

Head End Ringing

The term Head End Ringing coined by ASC President Art Noxon, succinctly describes a complicated phenomenon that destroys the articulation and intelligibility of your [...]

Head End Ringing2021-08-20T11:22:56-07:00
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