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Overcoming Wall Shudder

By now, most of us know how bad for your listening experience excessive reflections and bass buildup in the room can be. Have you [...]

Overcoming Wall Shudder2024-02-09T12:54:49-08:00

Placing Bass Traps

Why Bass Trap Placement Matters ASC has been pioneering, building and improving bass traps since 1984. Our flagship product still remains mostly the same [...]

Placing Bass Traps2024-01-26T12:56:10-08:00

ASC at NAMM ’24

ASC will be at NAMM '24!  Visit us at booth #14114 in the ACC North building from January 25-28 in Anaheim, CA. ASC [...]

ASC at NAMM ’242024-01-24T12:16:42-08:00

ASC at NAMM ’24 – AttackWall History

With NAMM 2024 coming up at the end of January and ASC having a booth at the show, demonstrating the sight and sound of both the AttackWall [...]

ASC at NAMM ’24 – AttackWall History2023-12-29T12:20:20-08:00

Sculpted Hifi Room

Have you ever been asked to perform a heroic feat in the face of daunting hurdles, debilitating limitations, and dreadful odds? What do you do? [...]

Sculpted Hifi Room2023-12-26T10:54:26-08:00

The Sonic Island

A Recording Engineer's perspective of the Quick Sound Field (QSF) by Neil Henderson, Equus Recording  View as PDF "There are no [...]

The Sonic Island2023-11-20T10:36:38-08:00

ASC Tube Traps & the MATT Test

Hifi room tuning is essential to maximize any Audiophile's listening experience. Read Stereophile's Brian Damkroger's review of TubeTraps & the MATT Test regarding this topic.  Both the TubeTrap [...]

ASC Tube Traps & the MATT Test2023-10-27T12:18:22-07:00

Testing for Dynamic Distortion in Room Acoustics

Testing for Dynamic Distortion in Room Acoustics Using Frequency-Sweep/Multi-Tone Methods By Arthur Noxon, Sept. 2023 View as PDF Audio equipment, including amps and speakers, [...]

Testing for Dynamic Distortion in Room Acoustics2023-10-16T11:17:22-07:00

Art’s Lecture at BAF ’23

ASC president and TubeTrap inventor, Art Noxon, PE Acoustical provided a video lecture for this year's Burning Amp Festival Attendees. Read the quick [...]

Art’s Lecture at BAF ’232023-10-13T08:44:28-07:00


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