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Seeing Sound with Your Ears

Article by Arthur Noxon, PE Acoustical Engineer "See" Sound...with your Ears Relentless pursuit of the "holy trinity" of high-end audiophile listening (musicality, sound stage, and [...]

Seeing Sound with Your Ears2021-07-14T09:10:36-07:00

Free Your Speakers

The past year has been a trying one for many of us. While things may be getting back to normal across many aspects [...]

Free Your Speakers2021-07-02T12:04:05-07:00

ASC’s QuickSoundField

At ASC, we design and deliver acoustic solutions for the studio engineer and the discriminating HiFi listener (among a plethora of other users and [...]

ASC’s QuickSoundField2021-06-25T11:51:50-07:00

Your Head-End Ringing Control Solution

And Now...TubeTraps We've been discussing head-end ringing extensively the last several weeks. Why? Because you can add diffusers, thin wall absorbers, rear wall traps, resonators, [...]

Your Head-End Ringing Control Solution2021-06-11T15:11:04-07:00

Sound Masking from Head End Ringing

Heads & Masks No, we're not getting a jump start on Halloween or planning a masquerade opera. We are building upon last week's discussion of [...]

Sound Masking from Head End Ringing2021-06-04T17:11:50-07:00

Timing Still Matters

Last week we saw how ASC adopted a unique method of measuring the "musicality" of a listening space. This week we look into what makes [...]

Timing Still Matters2021-06-14T14:41:54-07:00

Improving the Quality of Musical Playback

We all know TubeTraps make our rooms sound better. They make music more enjoyable and make our mixes translate accurately. They harness the wild beast [...]

Improving the Quality of Musical Playback2021-05-24T11:09:54-07:00

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