StudioTrap User Review

ASC’s Senior Project Advisor Ty Moyer recently got this unsolicited StudioTrap User Review from one of his customers.


I have received and assembled and installed my new StudioTraps. I’ve only had time for one listening session, but they made a very positive first impression.

It seems to me that with them in place I hear more definition, more separation, and more focus in the instruments in the soundstage. The soundstage may be just a little wider than before, although I don’t know that for sure. It also seems to me that details — particularly in percussion instruments — are rendered “faster” and “clearer.” (That may be the result of eliminating the bounced and therefore delayed frequencies off the walls.)

More listening will either confirm or deny this, but I think I am going to be very pleased. It’s amazing what a difference your acoustical treatments have made in my listening experience.

Your recommendation for having symmetry in my acoustical treatments was excellent advice. Although I have drywall on the right side and a double window with plantation shutters and shades drawn behind them on the left side, it seems that the Studio Traps create a more uniform acoustic no matter what’s behind them.

I have turned the “buttons” directly toward the 16″ diameter and 48″ high tube traps in the rear corners of the room.

I used the “old mirror trick” to determine where to put the traps. I have them set at a height of 63 inches because my Thiel CS5i speakers are 63 inches tall. The top of the topmost tweeter in my speakers is 43 inches high. I may experiment with raising and lowering the traps, but this seemed like a good starting point. I have them a few inches away from the wall, and I think that may be desirable because of the “shadow” that allows them to create. Do you agree with this initial setup?

Thanks, Ty. I am very grateful for your excellent help. I think I’m going to be a very happy ASC customer.





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