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SubTrap review by Ed Mullen for Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity

I was impressed by the build quality and high level of fit and finish on the SubTrap. There are four heavy duty rubber feet, and the base and top plates are constructed of black semi-gloss painted MDF. The sides are covered in automotive grade woven fabric, and the top plate is covered with a low nap carpeting. A classy looking black and gold acrylic nameplate graces the bottom center. *note: this was replaced ca.2009 with a discreet circular ASC logo

ASC claims the SubTrap can support 250 pounds; I don’t weigh quite that much, but sitting and standing on the SubTrap caused no flexing or bowing whatsoever. This is a strong and heavy duty product. It is also remarkably light for its strength, weighing only about 22 pounds.

My subjective impression is that the SubTrap provides a more cohesive and coherent sonic presentation, with less boom and overhang. The bass quality is more ethereal, seeming to emanate directly from the soundstage, rather than the subwoofer itself. Part of this improvement could be due to the SubTrap elevating the subwoofer and placing it closer to the main speakers, creating more of a point source.

ASC SubTrap bass trap in gray

While this bass trap obviously cannot increase deep extension, the trapping of excessive reverberant mid-bass energy allows the listener to hear the deepest bass with more clarity, thus improving the perception of deep extension.

The ASC SubTrap works as advertised. It reduces vibration transmission through the floor, improves the frequency response in the mid and upper bass regions, reduces low frequency reverberant decay times, and it locates the subwoofer closer to the height of the main speakers. Not surprisingly, this unique combination of engineered performance features results in an audible improvement in the bass quality. Discerning HT and HiFi enthusiasts will definitely appreciate how the ASC SubTrap extracts the best possible performance from any subwoofer.


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