Top 100 – 2003


Acoustic Sciences Corporation was honored in the Top 100 – 2003 Awards for ASC TubeTraps™. Even with the emergence of many new products in the audio-video world, TubeTraps are still an indispensable part of any critical listening environment. Top 100 - 2003 publisher Jerry Del Colliano made final rankings, and ASC TubeTraps were given a #90 spot, as the description credits TubeTraps to “quickly solve evil acoustic problems in your room.” TubeTraps are essential components of any critical listening setup, be it professional recording, music playback, or home theater.

“Think we’re kidding,” says, “try removing them from your room and then do some critical listening.”

TubeTraps are available direct from ASC, and come in a variety of sizes and fabric styles. We are honored the make the Top 100 – 2003.

TubeTrap Science – With Enhanced Bass Absorption

Audiophiles & Recording Engineers have relied on the Award winning TubeTraps to get their room sound just right. The IsoThermal TubeTrap continues this tradition with our new patented technology by delivering twice the bass absorption power, a fully adjustable diffuser with dynamic broadband sound absorption and diffusion. As the acoustic workhorse for solving your room’s sonic problems, the Isothermal TubeTrap offers extended bass absorption and treble range diffusion to help your room sound lively and tight.

Isothermal TubeTraps are modular, self-contained, broadband acoustic absorber/diffusers that improve the quality of music playback. No tricky installation required. Simply place them in the corners of your listening room or studio, and they go to work—giving you a clean musical bass-line, along with added high frequency ambient sparkle.

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