Stereophile Recommended Components 2009


Components listed here have been formally reviewed in Stereophile Recommended Components 2009 and have been found to be among the best available in each of four or five quality classes…We highly recommend its purchase.

How Do I Know If My Room Has Good Acoustics?

If you have a business or organization that frequently hosts meetings or conferences, good acoustics are critical. A room with poor acoustics makes it difficult for listeners to hear everything and pay attention. And if your employees or clients are having a hard time hearing everything clearly, your business operations can suffer as a result. A poor acoustic profile in a conferencing space reduces the amount of time until listener fatigue sets in and attendees start to check out. These problems can be amplified in situations where audio and video conferencing technologies are used.

Stereophile Recommended Components 2009, magazine cover

If the room in question has parallel walls, lots of glass or other reflective surfaces, and little to no soft surfaces, chances are the acoustics are already problematic. Test out your room by listening in various locations. Ask a colleague for a few minutes of their time and try to have a normal volume conversation at opposite ends of the room or meeting table. Take note of how well you can hear, any distracting sounds, as well as what the surfaces and furnishings are like in the room. You’ll also want to pay attention to if you can hear noises from outside or other areas inside the building.


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