Iso Wall Materials Price Calculator


Complete the form below to determine material quantities and costs for the ASC IsoWall sound conditioning and isolation system. This system includes damping pads, damped resilient channel, wall bearing felt, perimeter gasket, acoustic caulking, and damping squares and strips for 2 layers of gypsum wallboard.

  • Check out our Technical Schematic Iso Wall  diagram
  • For very small rooms (less than 80 square feet floor area), accuracy decreases.  However, the quantities shown here will generally be more than sufficient.
  • This calculator is used for 16″ stud & joist spacing – different spacing will slightly alter quantities, please call for assistance.
  • UPS Ground service typically adds 12-18% to the total cost.
  • For exact shipping costs, complete this form and contact us at 1-800-ASC-Tube

How to use: Enter the dimensions of the walls/ceiling you would like to treat, click the Estimate button, and scroll down for quantities.

All Dimensions are in Feet & Decimal Form. Use this chart to convert inches to feet

Inches 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Decimal Feet 0.08 0.17 0.25 0.33 0.42 0.50 0.58 0.67 0.75 0.83 0.92
Walls & Ceiling
Wall1 Width Height    
Wall2 Width   Height      
Wall3 Width   Height      
Wall4 Width   Height      
Wall5 Width   Height      
Wall6 Width   Height      
Wall7 Width   Height      
Wall8 Width   Height      
Ceiling Width   Length      
Door1 Width   Height   How Many?
Door2 Width   Height   How Many?
Window1 Width   Height   How Many?
Window2 Width   Height   How Many?
Window3 Width   Height   How Many?


Item Actual Amount Bundled Amount Price in USD($)
Walldamp Squares
Walldamp Strip (feet)
dRC-1 (feet)
dRC-2 (feet)
RC Pads
Perimeter Gasket (feet)
Wall Bearing Felt (feet)
Acoustic Sealant (tubes)
Total Price    


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