Hifi AttackWall

If you thought the AttackWall was only for studio use, this week's newsletter is for you. Take advantage of "acoustic shadow casting" to the [...]

Hifi AttackWall2023-02-03T11:41:44-08:00

ASC QuickSoundField

At ASC, we design and deliver acoustic solutions for the studio engineer and the discriminating HiFi listener (among a plethora of other users and [...]

ASC QuickSoundField2022-02-08T12:02:36-08:00

Congrats Dr Vibb on Grammy number 7

Acoustic Sciences Corporation is proud to say Congrats Dr Vibb on Grammy number 7! Our old buddy AttackWall user mixed the winner for Best [...]

Congrats Dr Vibb on Grammy number 72022-05-19T10:20:21-07:00

AttackWall Acoustic Treatment

AttackWall Acoustic Treatment: Michael Cooper tests the application, and evaluates the cost-effectiveness, of the AttackWall from Acoustic Sciences Corporation. View as PDF It could [...]

AttackWall Acoustic Treatment2023-05-10T10:52:48-07:00


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