ASC at NAMM ’24 – AttackWall History

With NAMM 2024 coming up at the end of January and ASC having a booth at the show, demonstrating the sight and sound of both the AttackWall [...]

ASC at NAMM ’24 – AttackWall History2023-12-29T12:20:20-08:00

The Sonic Island

A Recording Engineer's perspective of the Quick Sound Field (QSF) by Neil Henderson, Equus Recording  View as PDF "There are no [...]

The Sonic Island2023-11-20T10:36:38-08:00

The QuickSoundField

The QuickSoundField: A Studio Legend The QuickSoundField is a versatile assembly of ASC StudioTraps. Born from the legendary TubeTrap, and optimized for use in [...]

The QuickSoundField2022-02-14T08:57:34-08:00


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