Frans Deurenberg’s Listening Room

Welcome to Frans Deurenberg’s Listening Room

“The TowerTraps have arrived! All three are in excellent condition. First impression is very good: the bass is much better controlled and defined. And as an extra bonus, the mids and highs are so much better in clarity and resolution. I must say: It’s impressive what these TowerTraps can do!

Thank you for the time you put into my acoustic project!”

Best regards,

Frans Deurenberg

Frans Deurenberg Listening Room

The TowerTrap…

is a corner-loaded bass trap that was designed to resemble a HiFi loudspeaker. It was developed specifically to address those customers looking for high-performance audio with a designer look that is so subtle, it nearly disappears. The tri-corner of a room transforms and compresses all of the acoustic energy in a sound wave into pure pressure fluctuations. TowerTraps are designed to take full advantage of the acoustic pressure zones created in the corners of a room. The design of the TowerTrap converts these pressure changes into air movement, and, through the regulated friction in the walls of the TowerTrap, energy is damped out of the sound wave. One Tower in each corner of the room produces bass mode control down through 40 Hz (30Hz for SuperTowers) and treble range diffusion which backscatters at 400 Hz and above. This high efficiency corner bass trap delivers the same high power acoustic punch as provided by all ASC TubeTrap products.

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