The TowerTrap is a corner-loaded bass trap that was designed to resemble a HiFi loudspeaker. It was developed specifically to address those customers looking for high-performance audio with a designer look that is so subtle, it nearly disappears.

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One Tower in each corner of the room produces bass mode control down through 40 Hz (30Hz for SuperTowers) and treble range diffusion which backscatters at 400 Hz and above. This high efficiency corner bass trap delivers the same high power acoustic punch as provided by all ASC TubeTrap products.

The standard TowerTrap™ measures 14.5” square, while the larger SuperTower™ is 18″ square.  Standard height is 78″ for both models.  There is much more than a simple hollow box here, our TowerTrap & SuperTower are the result of continual research and development as we strive for acoustic perfection. Hand built by ASC’s own fabrication technicians, each Tower involves dozens of components, meticulously assembled to a quality standard.

Use TowerTraps to bass trap the corners behind the main speakers to stabilize reverb buildup in the front of the room and add shock control for attack transients. This will remove room boom and clarify tonality and soundstage. TowerTraps are absorptive down to 40Hz (-3dB).They can be absorptive to lower frequencies, however the efficiency dramatically decreases.

Reflective strips in the TowerTrap provide diffusion from 400 Hz and above. TowerTrap Placement At first, try placing the TowerTraps in the front corners (behind the speakers) of the room, orient the reflector to point towards the listening position to maintain room ambience. The chrome buttons on the two faces of the TowerTrap locates the center point of the built-in reflectors. The TowerTraps can then be rotated to orient any of its 4 faces toward the listening position for dialing in the sound preferred by the listener(s). Add 2 more TowerTraps in the back corners to smooth out peaks and valleys of the major room modes. Add additional side wall TowerTraps halfway between speakers and the listening position to block early side wall reflections and enhance imaging. Orient the reflectors on the side wall TowerTraps toward the back, and corner TowerTraps toward the listener. These may be adjusted


What’s so great about ASC’s TowerTrap? TowerTraps make a perfect addition to any home theater or listening room by opening up the bass performance to the full capacity of the sound system. One tower in each corner of the room produces bass mode control down through 40 Hz (30Hz for SuperTowers) and treble range diffusion which backscatters at 400 Hz and above. This high-efficiency corner bass trap delivers the same high-power acoustic punch as provided by all ASC TubeTrap products.

Originally called the Cube Tower, the TowerTrap is a “smaller, more cosmetically acceptable, more affordable version of the classic TubeTrap,” writes BJR. “Very effective at taming mid- and upper-bass room anomalies. Looks like an attractive Vandersteen speaker sitting there in the corner.”

The tri-corner of a room transforms and compresses all of the acoustic energy in a sound wave into pure pressure fluctuations. TowerTraps are designed to take full advantage of the acoustic pressure zones created in the corners of a room. The design of the TowerTrap converts these pressure changes into air movement, and, through the regulated friction in the walls of the TowerTrap, energy is damped out of the sound wave.


  • Hi Fi Listening Rooms
  • Home Theaters
  • Recording Studios

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TubeTrap Endcaps

These are painted gloss black with texture lacquer.




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