The MatrixPanel, designed for use when your listening position is near a wall, softening the sonic reflection of the wall without deadening the sound.

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If you have ever been in a room covered floor-to-ceiling with acoustic material or put your ear next to a large absorptive panel, then you know the acoustically dead sound produced in these situations. The human brain relies on subtle acoustic cues to help us maintain sonic equilibrium. If we remove those cues by over-absorption, this results in an unpleasant feeling room. To this end, acoustic dispersion, which is a soft form of diffusion, with an appropriate amount of absorption, helps to make a room sound soft and warm.

The ASC MatrixPanel provides a perfect combination of absorption and reflection in one attractive easy to install wall panel. If the listening position is within 2 feet of the back wall, the MatrixPanel softens and diffuses harsh wall reflections, making the wall “disappear”. In fact, because of the engineered performance of the MatrixPanel, the listener can be located as close to the panel as they would like and still not be distracted by the sound absorptive characteristics. Usually, we recommend MatrixPanels for HiFi listening rooms, however, it also works well in recording studios and home theaters.

Each MatrixPanel is hand made by our skilled fabrication technicians right here in Eugene, Oregon. There are dozens of components in each panel, meticulously engineered to give you just the right acoustic effect. Each Panel is then covered in acoustically transparent Guilford fabric, then framed in solid oak suitable for presentation in even the finest setting.

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Quartz, Silver Papier, Gray Mix, Medium Grey, Black

Custom Fabric Colors

Any product using our Guilford Stock Fabrics can have one of our 70+ custom fabrics ordered.

Custom Fabric Pricing is 10% additional, minimum $175/order.

  • If your selection is 499.00, the total cost for custom fabric is 499.00+50.00=549.00

Custom fabric does not impact shipping costs or product weight.

We carry many custom colors in our factory, but this is not guaranteed.  Orders requesting custom fabric will require 1-2 weeks lead time based on availability.  Contact us for details and availability.

TubeTrap Endcaps

These are painted gloss black with texture lacquer.



TubeTraps (all variations)


  • Standard TubeTraps products are built taller than the nominal listed height by 1/2″ to 3/4″
  • Maximum available single height for any full-round product is 48 1/2″
  • Custom Sizes under 4′ available


  • All of our TubeTrap products are also ~3/8″ oversize in diameter.

Custom Sizes

These are built within 1/8″ tolerance.

  • A 13 x 3ft TubeTrap will have a diameter of 13 3/8″ and a length of approximately 36 5/8″
  • A 16 x 46″ Custom made TubeTrap, which will have a diameter of 16 3/8″ and a length of 46″ +/- 1/8″

This includes but is not limited to:

  • TubeTraps
  • IsoThermal TubeTraps
  • Quarter Rounds
  • Half Rounds
  • TowerTraps (all variants)
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