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The PCAD (Poly Cylindrical Absorbing Diffusor) is a highly curved panel providing broadband absorption to reduce the “echo” in the room. These unique panels have the added benefit of treble reflectors distributed evenly throughout the panel. This is the perfect product for fine tuning your listening room, calming the room just enough without overly deadening the sound.

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The PCAD Panel is the perfect product for fine tuning your listening room, calming the room just enough without overly deadening the sound.

Maintain even sound throughout the affected space and keep the live “ambient” feel of the room while effectively reducing the resonance that degrades the live sound of a performance.

As always, ASC gives you incredible finish detail that you can be proud to display in your studio.


audio wave graph

The PCAD has built-in absorption/diffusion roll-off curve that peaks at 500Hz and begins treble diffusion at 1kHz. When mounted directly to the wall using “Z” clips, you can expect this standard curve.

audio wave graph

The back panel of the PCAD can be vented which allows the panel to be tuned to trap  even lower frequencies. By furring the PCAD out from the wall, typically by a 2″ x 2 frame–sealed on all 4 sides, trapping at frequencies all the way down to 45Hz is possible. The LF roll-off for the PCAD can be adjusted in this way dependent on the gap size behind the panel. This means that each PCAD Panel is tunable to meet the individual needs of your room. 

How it Works

Three Basic Elements

There are three basic elements to the PCAD (Poly Cylindrical Absorbing Diffusor) Panel:

PCAD Panel, audio wave graph1) The overall shape is made by a curved 1″ acoustic fiberglass acoustic panel.

2) Behind this is a bass trap cavity that allows the sound absorbing panel to “breath deep” and absorb low-frequency sound.

3) Treble reflecting strips are set on the face of the sound panel, hidden under the surface fabric cover. The width and height of these reflector strips are adjusted for the desired crossover frequencies, around 1kHz.

PCAD Panel, audio wave graphNo, it’s not a “Poly Diffusor” – The treble diffusion system used by the PCAD may look like standard “Poly Diffusor”, but it’s actually quite different. The diffusion is created via a set of varying width reflecting strips that use edge diffusion format for diffusion. This generates a fine-grain enhancement of lateral diffusion through the room. The resultant sound is bright and lively withough creating “hot spots” within the room.

Custom Fabric Colors

Any product using our Guilford Stock Fabrics can have one of our custom fabrics ordered.

Custom Fabric Pricing is 10% additional, minimum $175/order 


Order Cost Custom Fabric Cost    Total
$2,500.00 $250.00 $2,750.00
$218.00 $175.00 $393.00

NOTE: Some lighter-colored fabrics can incur additional sub-charges for hue matching.

Custom fabric does not impact shipping costs or product weight.

We carry many custom colors in our factory, but this is not guaranteed.  Orders requesting custom fabric will require 1-4 weeks lead time based on availability.  Contact us for details and availability.

TubeTrap Endcaps

These are painted gloss black with texture lacquer.




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