Mic R Studios

When Mic Roussos decided to build the second incarnation of Mic R Studios, he spared no expense. Mic R Studios serves both as his production and songwriting haven and his client-center recording studio. He notably produces music for film and television and has worked with international recording artists such as Demis Roussos, Winter’s Verge and Maria Elena Kyriakou.

Fascinated by the science behind our product line, Mic’s entire studio stands as an example of the ASC way of doing things. Both his live room and his control room are constructed using the IsoWall system. The IsoWall system controls the sub bass frequencies so as to allow for cleaner recording and to keep the neighbors off his back. The walls of his live room are lined with SoundPlanks to provide a finely grained ambience. To control the bass in his control room, each corner is equipped with 16×3 Standard TubeTraps.

Mic purchased a total of 18 StudioTraps from ASC, some of which make up his state-of-the-art AttackWall and the rest are put to work as a QuickSoundField. When asked how he felt about using ASC acoustics, he replied; “Only one word can describe my studio: natural!”

Pro Studio Tracking

There is no need for sound panels in locations where the sound doesn’t arrive. The QuickSoundField configuration of StudioTraps effectively “shadows” all the room surfaces. The bare room becomes a low level diffusive time delayed ambience deep in the background of the recording. Best of all, it works the same in any room.

It’s adjustable from the old standard studio-dead sounding track to a more live-studio sounding track and anywhere between. You’re mixing at the mic, getting the sound that needs to be captured on the first take. You have to hear it to believe it.


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