Gjallahorn Audio Showroom

Gjallarhorn Audio are our friends in Norway and they specialize in importing and selling HiFi and home cinema products in the high-end segment.

Product demonstrations are held by agreement with their customers. The room is 62 sqm and has a ceiling height of 3 meters. Inner walls and ceilings are designed to float to minimize vibration at high sound pressure and the room is also acoustically optimized using our IsoThermal TubeTraps from the Acoustic Sciences Corporation.

The showroom is located near Heggedal outside Asker. It was built from the beginning of 2014, and both exterior and interior walls, floorboards, and skylights are designed by Acoustic Sciences Corporation (ASC). Inner walls and skies are designed floating using ASC’s IsoDamp solution. In addition, base control and reflection control have been performed using TubeTraps from ASC.

A lot of time was spent in the planning phase to get a solution with 2 demo layouts (stereo setup and surround layout) in the same room without too many compromises.

Installation in the mixing room of Lindberg Lyd (2L)

The 2L mixer room is relatively large and the installation consists of 2 TubeTraps stacked in height in each of the corners of the room. Front corners use 1 “24” TubeTrap bottom and 1 piece 20 “TubeTrap at the top, while rear corners use 2 16” TubeTraps. This tightened the bass response and removed some of the irregularities in the lower frequencies.

In addition, the installation consists of 6 RPG Skyline (high profile) diffusors distributed beyond the ceiling near the mixer / listening position, 2 ASC diffuser panels located down the front wall and 1 RPG Absorber panel (HxBxD: 180cm X 60cm X 10cm) mounted on the door behind the mixing pit. This to address flutter echoes between parallel surfaces and protruding frequencies caused by reflections from bare surfaces.

Further measures are scheduled to address a frequency stop at 40 Hz. This is done using TubeTraps with Helmholtz resonator input tuned to the current frequency. 6 pcs 16 “with resonator entries will be tested in the room to 2L when they arrive from the US in mid-June.

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