Mike Beasley Listening Room

Mike Beasley’s Listening Room Delivers Peak Performance.

“I cannot emphasize enough how valuable the ability to adjust/tailor the use of Absorption and Diffusion as well as Modal Control that the TubeTrap design offers and especially when these features are combined with the Controlled Directivity of my Klipsch Loudspeakers allows me to optimize the Music Reproduction in my listening room which I find extremely valuable because ultimately this ability to experiment has come to be an absolute necessity as my rooms and systems have evolved over the last 20 years.” —Mike Beasley

Mike has experimented extensively with TubeTrap positioning and diffusion tuning while auditioning and critically listening to a wide variety of exclusive limited-edition Klipsch loudspeakers.  Shown individually are the functionally gorgeous “Jubilees.”  Mike also uses ASC StudioTraps, SoundPlanks, and SoundPanels in his room for mid-range and treble control.  He even constructed a unique grid system on the ceiling to allow adjustment of ceiling absorption panels on the fly.  Thanks to Mike for sharing!

“After owning and using the TubeTraps, SoundPanels, and SoundPlanks in Three Different “Music Rooms” I have come to trust and have faith in the performance, versatility and build quality that has proved itself because I’m still using them some of which are close to 20 years old and still look and perform as new..!!! ” – Mike Beasley

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